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all we need is that 2nd WC spot, then it's off to the roaches.
And the Spurs win the NBA summer league with Kyle Anderson as MVP. Perhaps he will be a capable back up for Leonard and Ginobili in the regular season.
Not as fun as rooting for the Giants.
No- some other Serbian dude who's 7-4.
Rumors of the Red Rocket to Sacramento
Will be interesting to see how Spurs function w arguably 5 big players.
43. I Have Abandoned My Search for Truth Ashleigh Brilliant 1980 A collection of "Pot Shot" pithy sayings from primarily the late 70s- my high school and college years. Some humor. Easy read.
42. The Art of War Sun Tzu 2011 edition Received this book for Christmas and finally got around to reading it. Interesting stuff- should have read it long ago.
Lawyerdad, wasn't the JPP thing a violation of his HIPAA rights?
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