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Wow- what a Cubs game!
Thankfully, I only have him in one league. Assuming the Giants make the playoffs, all bets with Bochy are off, and I bet they turn him loose.
Giants in flat spin. Will Nunez and the return of Pence help right the ship, or will a Ryan Braun-like presence be needed??? I wonder if they'll run more with Nunez there- kind of doubt it.
Love the Micky Haller books. Have you ever seen The Lincoln Lawyer movie?
True, Dat
Bite your tongue!
Uh, no. Chapman protects Yankee hitting. They just haven't been able to hit consistently.Why must one always explain things to people from LA?Must be the smog.
That 3 headed monster sure looked good while it lasted though. If only the hitting was commensurate you'd have quite the team. Bet Rondon's pissed.
Still ahead of the Dodgers, even if it's only by three. Gotta give your boys credit. They're really hanging in there without Kershaw, who is hurt a lot worse than anyone's letting on. So it's just a matter of time.
61. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour- The Frontier Stories, v.1 A large collection of Western short stories, all of which I enjoyed. There were a couple that I'd already read in other collections, but just a couple. If you want to read L'Amour short stories, this is a great place to start.
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