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And studied for three years behind Favre
Great insurance and future qb for the (drum roll please) Green Bay Packers
Bah humbug on the Clippers. What smart people? No one out coaches Pop. Ever. That said, this Spurophile is worried.
Looks really interesting. Wish I still lived in the Bay Area.
Houston doesn't have enough fire power, and they can't play defense. Spurs handled them pretty easily during the season.Wishful thinking, guys. Spurs handled them pretty easily during the season too. The Clippers are/were? SAS's biggest chaallenge.Some great ball to watch in most series happening now.
Won't happen.Clips are still a year away, and too immature.All the whining about calls detracts from their game; and it should be interesting to see how much Doc gets fined for his post game comments.You'd NEVER see Pop blaming a loss on the refs, especially when his team went 1/13 in 3s, and his bench got outscored 48-17.
29. Valley of the Sun Louis L'Amour 1995 A posthumously published collection of short stories. Light reading, but quite enjoyable.
It may be a little early anointing the Warriors as representatives of the West. San Antonio didn't have much of a problem with them, or the Rockets. But they gotta beat the Clippers first.
F%^&ng Clippers
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