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24. The Power and The Glory 1940 Graham Greene LIST Guest Summary by Clockwise soon to follow?: A-
23. The Pigeon Patrick Suskind 1988 LIST A bank guard who is extremely fussy is confronted by a pigeon on his doorstep. It unnerves his world and ruins his day. He forgets to open the entrance for the president's limousine. He puts a large tear in his trousers. He gets completely out of his routine while having a tremendous inner struggle. At one point he even contemplates suicide because of the pigeon. This novella has many levels of meaning but the primary one is that...
22. The Nose 1835 Nikolai Gogol The List An officer and a gentleman loses his nose and is rendered Voldemort-like. He is understandably distressed, searching St, Petersburg where he lives to no avail. The nose in the meantime has been rather enjoying itself racing about town impersonating a human. Then one morning he re-appears but will not stick to the major's face. Inexplicably the major wakes one morning with the nose reattached. A short but very humorous read. A-...
21. Flint 1966 Louis L'Amour A wealthy New York financier with a diagnosis of cancer heads West to die A railroad land grab by a self fancied Robber baron. Involves him. He doesn't have the legal right he thought he had. Despite some fisticuffs and hijinks he is defeated. Our hero finds out he has ulcers, not cancer. He divorces his scheming wife and marries a local girl. This was my favorite L'Amour so far. I highly recommend it.
20. The High Graders Louis L'Amour this one is a bit jumbled but there are: the bad guys the good guys the beautiful and smart girl the epic fist fight This book has a gold theme- hence the high graders. I find the good and bad guys interesting because I don't believe in dualism
19. Crossfire Trail Louis L'Amour 1954 Involves a shipboard deathbed list and a valuable ranch bequeathed to progeny. 2 ranchers try to prevent the inheritance, but the shipboard promise is fulfilled. Good guys win, bad guys lose. Hero gets the girl. And there are friendly Indians.
18. The Broken Gun Louis L'Amour 1966 Present day West. A writer researching the mystery of a ranch based on papers stuffed in a broken gun barrel. After mentioning his project down at the court house the present owner of the ranch "invites" him for a visit and attempts to do him ill. He doesn't succeed. Good guys win. Bad guys lose. But alas there is no girl.
I really want to read this. Love Camus.17. Chancy Louis L'Amour 1968A sort of ordinary western, except the dude uses a Winchester on a strap as #1 gun.Pilgrimage from TN to WY avec le boeuf.Good guys win. Bad guys lose.And the hero gets the girl,Ran out of List books- but sent off for more today.
16. Where the Long Grass Blows 1976 Louis L'Amour A range war is engineered by an escaped outlaw and opium smuggler. The villian tries to pin it on the hero but doesn't succeed. And he gets the girl.
15. LaBrava Elmore Leonard 1983 LIST A thriller that somehow wound up on the storied 1001.Joe LaBrava, an ex-Secret Service agent catches a former movie star stealing a large sum of money. The book is written in South Beach and the local color is liberally sprinkled in the book's pages. There's even an interesting twist to the ending. Thumbs up. Say B...
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