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Wish I could say I was sorry, dude...
As my brother is fond of saying, Peyton Manning is the greatest regular season quarterback in the history of the NFL. Playoffs, not so much.
I'm close to dropping him in two of my other leagues.
1989, Endless River, and Pulse. Had forgotten what a great live album Pulse is.
A Visit From the Goon Squad- Jennifer Egan Pulitzer prize winner and excellent book.
7. Long Ride Home 1989 Louis L'Amour A collection of posthumously published short stories. Just OK. I ordered A River in May. I'm looking forward to it.
6. A Visit From the Goon Squad 2010 Jennifer Egan LIST Because of its unusual narrative structure, this book can be characterized as a novel or as a collection of linked short stories. A Visit from the Goon Squad has 13 chapters, all of which can be read as individual stories, and does not focus on any single central character or narrative arc. In addition, many of the chapters were originally published as short stories. Most of the stories in the book concern Bennie...
RFX, chill man. I will monitor the situation more closely at your request.
I don't know how to ban a person from just a thread. I can give him a general time-out but I don't think what he said warrants this. I never gave Jet one even though he and I cross swords all the time. When they were winning, several of you guys "trolled" because the Lakers were good. I "troll" all the time about the Spurs, except lately because they've been having trouble winning games. I do wish idfnl were less negative, but he has his First Amendment rights just like...
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