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51. The Ferguson Rifle Louis L'Amour 1978 A famous gun, a treasure, the bad buys and a girl. The history of the rifle is pretty interesting when researched.
Popovich psychology. What did he have to lose?One game does not a career or a season make.
50. Jubal Sackett Louis L'Amour 1985 Jubal Sackett is the middle child of Abigail and Barnabas, and therefore a part of the first Sackett generation born on American soil. The book is set around 1650, and is longer than the other Sackett books I read. It involves the requisite Indians, one of whom Jubal marries. And a mastodon which Jubal kills with his gun and his pet buffalo, Paisano. Guys- you can't make this stuff up. Unless you're Louis L'Amour.
puhleeese no repeat of 2012.
Have you considered any books by Bruce Boyer or Alan Flusser? Bernhard Roetzl wrote my personal favorite as well.
This looks good. Where to cop? ^^^
Ibaka "might" play. At home after 2 crushing defeats away. The plot thickens.
49. Stay Close Harlan Coben 2012 Centers around the seedy side of Atlantic City with 3 separate stories that turn into one- a series of serial killings of men on Mardi Gras. The killer turns out to be someone you wouldn't expect. Coben really has a talent for outrageous metaphors which can bring a belly laugh or two. Loved the book. A couple of well done plot twists.
New Posts  All Forums: