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52. The Black Box- Michael Connelly Bosch solves the murder of a photojournalist that occured during the L.A. riots 20 years before. Only fair.
51. The Drop- Michael Connelly Bosch solves the case of a murder/suicide of a city councilman's son, and also that of a grisly serial sexual predator/murderer. Good Book
Sore loser.
Giants 13 out of 15.
Thank you, guys.
50. Off The Mangrove Coast- Louis L'Amour Same as above, but the stories were better.
49. May There Be a Road- Louis L'Amour A collection of adventure stories published posthumously. Only fair.
48. Sitka- Louis L'Amour Jean LaBarge is an adventurer from PA who eventually finds his way to Alaska and assists in persuading the US to buy it. And after much unrequited love, he gets the girl. Different from L'Amour's usual Westerns in subject matter, and a very good read.
And 2 of 3 from the mighty Cubs...C'mon Mr. Dodger fan- it's been a pretty impressive streak. And I expect at least one similar from LA to even things up. The Giants don't do well in the playoffs as division champions.
F^*k the Yankees. The Giants have won 12 of 13.
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