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I lived in SoCal for 10 years before moving to the Bay Area for ten more.
Of course not. How'd you feel when we won it all 3 of 5 years?In truth, I love watching Kershaw pitch (took him 1st in Fantasy and won my league).And I hope the PIB beat St. Louis because I have even more haterade for them.
Maybe the poo in blue will win it all this year (NOT).
up to 8 (bump)
You could change the rosters and add another starting spot...10 is better than none IMO. Maybe another C?
Where's no. 2 from last year?
I hope so too. Can I use your invite and go outside the usual circle?
Paid So how do we get this ball rolling a little faster?
http://www.nflshop.com/San_Francisco_49ers_Men_Jerseys?ab=bm-nflcms-TLP2-49ers-Mens-7.16 The black jerseys are new, and Bowman or Hyde might be preferable to Kaepernick. Or you could always choose Lott or Montana....
We usually do a pretty good job of scheduling it so everyone can participate. Cotton Dockers, did you get an invite, or are you WuBelieves?
New Posts  All Forums: