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They gave the Spurs a real run for 3 quarters. They're a much better team than their record indicates. I wonder if Thibs is really all that.
Montana is the GOAT. Period. But for this generation, and even though I'm a big Packer fan, I'd have to go with Brady, because he's accomplished more. However, I think much of this is due to Belichik being a better coach than McCarthy. The only reason McCarthy's still coaching in Green Bay is wearing Number 12.
I think not. But I'm not objective, and all I need to do is wear my lucky Super Bowl shirt.
As does Julio Jones.
NYG defense second in the league according to whom?
1. No Man's Land- David Baldacci John Puller and his brother Robert solve the disappearance of their mother thirty years before, and help a surgically and mentally enhanced soldier get his revenge in the process. Good Read
They have to get out of Green Bay first.
New Year, New Title.
79. The Wrong Side of Goodbye- Michael Connelly Pending his lawsuit against LAPD, Harry Bosch is working as both a private investigator, and part time investigator for the San Fernando Police Department. He solves a case in each area concurrently, with a series of brilliant deductions no one else seems to have though of. Rousing Read- a definite thumbs-up!
78. Broken Trust- W.E.B. Griffin Latest in Griffin's Badge of Honor series regarding Detective Sergeant Matt Payne, who solves all the murders but one (maybe next book?), and does his usual "righteous shooting" in the process. Entertaining, but not overly so- B-/C+
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