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Gotta admit I'm rooting for OKC in this series, because they beat the Spurs. And I'm sick of hearing about Steph Curry and the Warriors.
Someone did that to Ginobili this year, he required surgery and was out for a month.Ouch.
I'd rather see them pursue Durant. I think if the Thunder lose to GS, he'll be open to leaving.Or even Pau Gasol-although he doesn't serve the need for youth and speed.EDIT: Or Whiteside, if they feel they can get him to mature into the model citizen the Spurs prefer.I think both Duncan and Ginobili will retire.
Too much. But someone will give it to him. Pitching is always at a premium.
And where did the Lakers finish this season?How long will it be until they see the second round of the playoffs?
I thought it was some kind of Dodger beanie. Cleveland will end up winning the chip and everyone in this thread will wail and gnash teeth.
It IS baseball season now.What's that silly-looking avatar of yours mean anyway?
43. The Overlook- Michael Connelly Bosch solves a case by treating it as a homicide, while everyone else is convinced it's something else. Short, but excellent read.
This. Unexplainable. He hasn't looked this old and slow all season.It's over, and obviously not the way I would have liked.
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