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49. May There Be a Road- Louis L'Amour A collection of adventure stories published posthumously. Only fair.
48. Sitka- Louis L'Amour Jean LaBarge is an adventurer from PA who eventually finds his way to Alaska and assists in persuading the US to buy it. And after much unrequited love, he gets the girl. Different from L'Amour's usual Westerns in subject matter, and a very good read.
And 2 of 3 from the mighty Cubs...C'mon Mr. Dodger fan- it's been a pretty impressive streak. And I expect at least one similar from LA to even things up. The Giants don't do well in the playoffs as division champions.
F^*k the Yankees. The Giants have won 12 of 13.
Stick a fork in 'em. The W's are done.
47. The Scarecrow- Michael Connelly Jack McEvoy covers a murder involving a woman asphyxiated and stuffed in the trunk of a car. The case looks easily solved until he and his partner do a search and find another virtually identical murder in Las Vegas, and he determines that both killings are the work of a serial killer. He teams up with his old flame FBI agent from The Poet, and together they solve the case. And ride off together into the sunset. Great read.
This.And Cleveland looks less formidable now. Big game 4s in both Series. I for one am really enjoying them, although of course I wish the Spurs had gone farther.
46. The Poet- Michael Connelly A journalist does not believe reports that his twin, a police officer, committed suicide. He puts together a murder scenario believable enough to get the local police to reopen the case. He finds similar circumstances in killings of police officers across the US and develops his story into a series of serial killings. The case is then taken over by the FBI, and together they find more cases with more details.. Ultimately, he solves the...
I'm not so sure as I'm rooting for Cleveland as against GSW. They've already gone 73-9. Steph's won 2 straight MVPs. It's someone else's turn.It'll be LeBron's 6th straight Finals, which is quite an accomplishment, no matter what you think of the guy.
45. Void Moon- Michael Connelly A "hot burglar" ex-con from L.A. takes down a mark at the Cleopatra hotel in Las Vegas. She gets more than she bargains for when a briefcase she thinks contains 500K carries 2.5M of South FL mob money. A tough unscrupulous Las Vegas private investigator is hired to find the money; finds her; and all manner of mayhem ensues. This is an older example of Connelly's work, but it's a fantastic read. I read it straight through without putting it...
New Posts  All Forums: