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BTW- where did the Dodgers go? Watching Kershaw get shelled was rare, and ugly. Cost me a couple of weeks in Fantasy. Here's to Dodger Blue missing the playoffs (even though I think they'll make a run at some point).
56. The Walking Drum- Louis L'Amour Epic of the adventures of Mathurin Kerbouchard, a Briton schooled in the Druid tradition who accomplishes enormous feats before finally finding and freeing his father. Pretty outlandish in places, but overall a good read, especially for a period piece.
54. The Crossing- Michael Connelly- Bosch is forcibly retired by the LAPD and crosses the aisle to work with his half-brother, the Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller. Together they solve a case which the police felt was open-and-shut. Fair Stuff 55. The Hunting Trip- W.E.B. Griffin A one-off chronicle of thirty years in the life of a fictionally famous self-made author. Written to be humorous, but only achieved it half the time. Middling Stuff
They'd never suspend Curry for a Game 7, but I concur he deserves it. I do think it'll cost him some money, however.
So far it's dead even and we have Peavy pitching tonight. I like your chances.
I dunno, Draymond has been asking for it...
53. The Burning Room- Michael Connelly Bosch has a new Latina partner and together they solve cold cases involving a fire in a day care center, and a 10 year old complicated murder case. good read
Big series over the weekend- Giants-Dodgers in SF.
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