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76. The Last Mile- David Baldacci Second Amos Decker book. He solves an intricate set of murders with an innocent man he helped get off death row. OK, but not as good as Memory Man.
75. Memory Man- David Baldacci Baldacci introduces another new character, Amos Decker, sort of an anti-hero,except for a photographic memory he acquired from a hit playing pro football. He is studied at an institute in Chicago, then becomes a cop in a small-medium city. He comes home one night to find his family murdered, and spends the next two years finding whodunit. The first 50-100 pages moved slowly, but then the book wound up with a wallop. I highly recommend it..
Still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs...
Melancon to Giants. Now we just need a bat.
Hard to play football with one hand around your throat.
73. The Forgotten- David Baldacci Puller foils a human trafficking ring and gets the girl (sorta). 74. The Escape- David Baldacci Puller's brother escapes from the highest security military prison at Fort Leavenworth. They work together to thwart a WMD plot at the Pentagon, and prove his brother's innocence. Pulller is rebuffed by the girl. I enjoyed both, and will be reading at least one more Baldacci before year's end.
72. Zero Day- David Baldacci A rather engaging thriller introducing a new hero for Baldacci, Army CID Inspector John Puller. Lots of interesting, page turning stuff.
McCarthy needs to clear out his desk. Yesterday.
I thought McCombs' remarks were highly inappropriate and bordered on racism at the time...Now I'm not so sure...
and the last... 71. The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, v.6. The Crime Stories Let's just say that Dashiell Hammett (sp?) and Raymond Chandler have nothing to worry about 125 Louis L'Amour books read; his entire collection of fiction. Now on to some good thrillers! .
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