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It may be a little early anointing the Warriors as representatives of the West. San Antonio didn't have much of a problem with them, or the Rockets. But they gotta beat the Clippers first.
F%^&ng Clippers
Wainwright gone for the season. There go 2 of my fantasy teams. Wonder what it will do to the Cardinals?
Is Marc Gasol a free agent, too?
Me too, and I'm a Spurs fan. At least I fixed my avatar.
Best game I've seen in a long time. The Chuckster may be right when he said it could be a battle(war) of attrition.
The Spurs need to win tonight or things get too interesting.Pop didn't really deserve CoY this year, but IMO he's in the running every year.
28. Top Secret W.E.B. Griffin 2014 First book in a new series called Clandestine Operations. Not all that thrilling or believable and 500 pages. Meh.
But the Lakers aren't playing RFX...Should be VERY entertaining nevertheless..It's our trophy, come and take it.
Won't it be Portland now?The Spurs aren't going anywhere if they can't win on the road
New Posts  All Forums: