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45. Dutchman's Flat Louis L'Amour 1986 A collection of Western short stories. I enjoyed it.
The guy who wants to be Brandon Crawford when he grows up?
The end of the season standings are what counts. And we all know how that's gone 3 of the past 5 years. I feel for you bro. Gotta be hard to root for a team that thinks Howie Kendrick is an upgrade over Dee Gordon, and brings in washed-up Jimmy Rollins to play SS. Wait till they trade Puig before the deadline.
MLB has released the list of top selling jerseys. Not surprisingly: 1. Bumgarner 3. Posey 6. Pence
An American diplomat is assassinated in front of his wife. She proceeds to find his killer, with many twists and turns along the way. Highly recommended. 44. The Cairo Affair Olen Steinhauer 2014 for some reason 44. won't show up but it is the Cairo Affair...
Is Jimmer Fredette any good???
Uh...I've been in this thread supporting the Giants longer than you've been a StyleForum member.Maybe you're tired of watching the Dodgers lose?
Baseball drops all charges against Barry Bonds.
all we need is that 2nd WC spot, then it's off to the roaches.
And the Spurs win the NBA summer league with Kyle Anderson as MVP. Perhaps he will be a capable back up for Leonard and Ginobili in the regular season.
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