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3. The Boys in the Boat- Daniel James Brown The story of the 1936 University of Washington rowing team representing the US that won Olympic Gold in Hitler's 1936 Olympics. Fascinating book.
2. Curtain of Death- W.E.B. Griffin Exploits of 22 yr. old Captain James Cronlin, director of Operations for CDI Europe. Foils a Russian kidnapping, catches 3 Nazis, and beds 2 blondes in the bargain. Entertaining, but not overly so.
They gave the Spurs a real run for 3 quarters. They're a much better team than their record indicates. I wonder if Thibs is really all that.
Montana is the GOAT. Period. But for this generation, and even though I'm a big Packer fan, I'd have to go with Brady, because he's accomplished more. However, I think much of this is due to Belichik being a better coach than McCarthy. The only reason McCarthy's still coaching in Green Bay is wearing Number 12.
I think not. But I'm not objective, and all I need to do is wear my lucky Super Bowl shirt.
As does Julio Jones.
NYG defense second in the league according to whom?
1. No Man's Land- David Baldacci John Puller and his brother Robert solve the disappearance of their mother thirty years before, and help a surgically and mentally enhanced soldier get his revenge in the process. Good Read
They have to get out of Green Bay first.
New Year, New Title.
New Posts  All Forums: