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Question: Who has won the most NFL titles since the league's inception?Answer: The Green Bay PackersI choose my allegiances carefully
If the Spurs ever figure out how to use LMA and his jump shot starts dropping, they'll definitely give the Dubs a run for their money. If they can get past the Clippers this year.
What would someone from LA know about the NFL?The only pro football team y'all have is USC.
Packer game sucked. Almost lost my turkey dinner. Hopefully Atlanta will beat MN.
49. Reflections of the Distant Fires- Jose Angel Ramirez Contemporary, edgy Western tale of Texas in the 1850s. A tragically flawed, hot-headed son of a wealthy Mexican land holder drinks, whores, and mayhems his way through life until his brother is hanged in an act of provocation in Brownsville Texas. He proceeds to burn the town down, and find and kill those responsible. Brownsville appeals to the Army and the Texas Rangers for assistance. They defeat the Mexican...
48. Night Over the Solomons Louis L'Amour Another collection of adventure stories- nary a Western in the bunch. Liked them.
Packers in big trouble. Unless they beat MN next wk.
I like them...
47. Beyond The Great Snow Mountains Louis L'Amour Posthumously published collection of short adventure stories. Really enjoyed them.
LMA finally starting to look like LMA. Pop's approach has been NOT to coach him, but to let him find his own way. Seems to have worked with Duncan and Robinson. Kawhi Leonard is killing it.
New Posts  All Forums: