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118. War Party Louis L'Amour 1975 Another group of L'Amour short stories. EDIT: We could just leave this a tie y'know...
Ah- like his imaginary friend.
117. The Strong Shall Live Louis L'Amour 1980 Another compendium of short stories. Some are newer, and some dated back to L'Amour's first writings. As usual. I liked the book.
116. The Long Ride Home Louis L'Amour 1989 A collection of posthumously published short stories. Pleasant reading on a variety of themes.
Unfortunately.Who the hell is Swaggy P?
Eastwood Wayne diseaseI only have a dozen or so left. Then I'll fill in to make sure I have a complete set.
It's freakish...abnormal...I feel like Frankenstein's monster.
Bamboozled is one of the great words in the English language. Giants strike out on Lester. Dare they enter the Scherzer sweepstakes?
115. The Rainbow Trail Zane Grey 1915 Sequel to Riders of the Purple Sage, and nowhere near as good. A neighbor of one of the original characters in RPS returns to the Utah/Arizona border to look for and rescue the friends who walled themselves up in a valley so that his neighbor could escape. On the way he befriends a noble Navajo Indian to aid him in his quest. The young girl has been kidnapped by Mormons and hidden away in a polygamists' village. He rescues her,...
Oakland having quite the fire sale, even for Oakland.
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