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Point well taken.
So far we have 4 players, and we need eight for a viable league. Anyone else interested?
Unless I can't figure it out, I can try commissioner.
Ethan: Make a separate thread. Might attract attention and participants faster. Also, who will be the commissioner, and what is the entry fee?
No, but it would be fun...
I had 7 in football. But only 3 for basketball. Currently 2nd in all 3 leagues. Have 'Melo in one of them.
Already doing my Fantasy Spread Sheets and mock drafts... Will stick to 5 teams again this season.
4. Night School- Lee Child This is sort of a Reacher prequel. He's still in the Army, and solves 2 parts of a case at once. One of the better Reacher novels I've read.
3. The Boys in the Boat- Daniel James Brown The story of the 1936 University of Washington rowing team representing the US that won Olympic Gold in Hitler's 1936 Olympics. Fascinating book.
2. Curtain of Death- W.E.B. Griffin Exploits of 22 yr. old Captain James Cronlin, director of Operations for CDI Europe. Foils a Russian kidnapping, catches 3 Nazis, and beds 2 blondes in the bargain. Entertaining, but not overly so.
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