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  Haha I noticed that the 30"  had gone when I went to check ;)   Love clothes too but dont think I could pay that much for the shorts...Maybe if I lived in warmer climates but I dont.   Maybe pick up a pair in the sales Some pics of your purchases would be nice...hope you enjoy them :)
Shorts are up now on Bureau site.   I like the Hawaiian Print Ghurka   Dont think I could justify paying that much for a pair of shorts tho   They also have some new outerwear EG up
    Yeah they will have a sale. The last week of August usually
yeah I heard about buttons falling off too so I was going to go with something else...however I wanted a Bedford and just got it anyway...I'm glad to hear you haven't had any problems...seems like your getting good wear out of it so far:)
Has anybody had any experience with those metal buttons as seen on this summers navy bedford?
Picked up the Navy Cotton Pique Bedford from Bureau today.  Tried on the Twill Driver Jacket aswell tho didnt really like it on.  
The Bureau also have the patchwork..Its not online yet tho
No male can get away with uggs...not even the man himself
Thanks guys for the bedford help   Anyone know what these are called?  
Damm i wanted that Navy Nylon Taslan Bedford Jacket   Looks like the Bureau have sold out already tho :(
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