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Where is selling that EG Long Beach Parka and whats the rrp?   Cheers
  I wore mine shopping today with gitmas bros shirt and navy ground ground crew pants from f/w 12   I must say im loving it...i think I will be wearing it alot!   You wont be dissapointed
I didn't like the driver jacket either when I tried on the grey version.. Was a bit Eastern European football hooligan for my tastes. However looks ok in the pic above. Got my Bedford today in navy.. Arms are a bit loose but a great piece in the cotton pique.. Will post some fit pics soon
Bureau got a delivery of Post Overall's  
  Haha I noticed that the 30"  had gone when I went to check ;)   Love clothes too but dont think I could pay that much for the shorts...Maybe if I lived in warmer climates but I dont.   Maybe pick up a pair in the sales Some pics of your purchases would be nice...hope you enjoy them :)
Shorts are up now on Bureau site.   I like the Hawaiian Print Ghurka   Dont think I could justify paying that much for a pair of shorts tho   They also have some new outerwear EG up
    Yeah they will have a sale. The last week of August usually
yeah I heard about buttons falling off too so I was going to go with something else...however I wanted a Bedford and just got it anyway...I'm glad to hear you haven't had any problems...seems like your getting good wear out of it so far:)
Has anybody had any experience with those metal buttons as seen on this summers navy bedford?
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