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The time has come to apply to residencies. Figured I'd check on here to see if there's any doctors on here--possibly even program directors?  I'm applying to family medicine and psych, based in the DC area but applying broadly.
Brooks Brothers sport shirts are a good option. Considerably shorter than their MTM shirts and come in regular, slim fit, and extra slim fit.
Bold move.   I like it.
So like the title of the thread says, I bought a pair of AE Strands (color: brown burnished calf). They are beautiful shoes and I want them to last a long, long time. I will be wearing them a lot through the fall/winter.    What do you guys do when you buy a pair of new shoes? Should I shine them out of the box? Spray water repellent on them?   I already use shoe trees religiously when I'm not wearing my dress shoes. Beyond the occasional shoe shine I don't do much...
Well done!
 I have only one tailor that I trust. His name is Emsud and he is the owner of Emsud's Clothiers in Lincoln, NE. If you're headed to Omaha, tack on another hour's drive and that puts you in Lincoln. I have had him do 7 suits, various shirts and whatnot, plus the tux I got married in. I got married in Washington DC, but I chose to have my tux tailored in Lincoln, if that tells you anything. Emsud is the best in the area, but I don't think you have to drive all the way to...
Solid advice. To clear up some confusion, the OP is not attending Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. He is attending Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. It's a small Christian liberal arts college located in a town of about 6,000 people in northwest Iowa (hence the "Northwestern" I guess???). He'll be a good 10+ hour drive from Chicago.
As I said before, you've done your research. I'm sure whatever you end up with will be lightyears ahead of your peers, stylistically speaking. Well done!   Park Aves are very nice shoes...make sure you buy some shoe trees to go along with them.   I'm sure the tailors in Des Moines are capable of measuring you. However, be wary of them telling you simply, "You're a 42" instead of giving you measurements. In most cases with these big midwest suit store-type places, the...
Whatever you decide to do, just know that what you end up purchasing now you'll probably end up partially regretting the purchase four years down the road. I say this not because you haven't done your homework, but as you go from being a senior in high school to a senior in college, your tastes will evolve and change (as will your body shape).    This is also important to keep in mind because you most likely won't need a suit for anything pre-med related until you go on...
Looking for something I can beat up when I'm on the plane but still looks good. The usual two button, notch lapel, cut on the slim side. I've searched a lot of different websites but can't find anything I like very much. Any recommendations?
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