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Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 I do polka also sometimes. The shirt in the first post is VERY casual. I would not even wear a tie with that... true, but if he had to wear a tie then he would need a coat over it, otherwise tie without coat is just blah. as for navy x navy x navy, not a bad look at all since your shirt isnt a solid. if all three parts were solid, it would look extremely boring. burgundy shoes would pull it together.
can be too many patterns. gingham in itself is fairly casual imo, so i think it goes great with a knit tie. if you are going for a patterned shirt and tie, you need a solid suit or at least a jacket to pull it together imo.
white shirt and burgandy tie would look fine with your light gray trousers and the sohos. not a fan of blue solid shirts without coat/sweater on top.
looks less "silver tailored silk/wool blend suit jacket" and more orphaned charcoal coat with low notches.
Quote: Originally Posted by chris lewis Pretty sure the slim fit replaced the tailored fit. no, their tailored fit is now their "regular fit" and the slim is slimmer than the jcrew we were used to.
you already made your decision and just made a thread to confirm it. buy the chukkas. there you have it. there are clearly better shoes for your purpose, but it doesnt matter what anyone else says because you had your mind made up before you even posted. oh, and GTs do not look like clown shoes. you have either never seen a clown or never seen the GTs in person. your issues with boots is that you dont like dealing with so many lace holes. the only answer to that is...
i like my ties darker than my shirt, but thats also why i would never wear a shirt as dark as yours. then again, a lot of it has to do with your own pigmentation; skin, hair, eyes, etc. i would go with a dark blue with patterns, since you have enough solids with your shirt and suit going on.
browns look great with soft pastel pinks, greens, and yellow. burgandy and gold and very good matches as well.
its a leather protector, not shoe polish. its meant to extend life rather than make it pretty.
just where do you think thrifted shoes come from? are we to assume all these past owners lost/gained substantial weight and simply cant fit their shoes anymore? people die, its what happens. give these shoes new life by putting them through good wear again. havent you watched toy story?
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