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I'd also say to go with a single celastic toe--classic look and keeps its shape much better than without.
I'm right now in the break-in process (been wearing the boots fairly consistently for 2-3 weeks) with a pair of 8" Dress Brown Smoke Jumpers on the swing last. Here's my take:   Fit: the arch ease system definitely takes breaking-in...both of the boot and of your foot (see here for an interview with Rob Smith of White's about the break-in process..among other things). I have high arches but tend to walk on the outside of my heels and arch. The arch ease system corrects...
  With my Brown CXLs (treated originally with Obenauf's LP) it's enough just to give them a good brushing. Every once in a while I need to reapply the Obenauf's but with an oil-stuffed leather like CXL, a horsehair brush will bring the color back without much effort.
I think you can request logo-less as a custom option (might be worthwhile to ask Kyle at Baker's...or contact White's CS directly).   That said, I like the logo...and it's fairly subtle, at least on most darker leathers.
Some pics of my SJ's (8" brown dress on swing last; standard heel, vibram 430 sole).
Pics are on their way after work... I'm done grousing!   BTW talked to Kyle at Baker's. He'd heard back from White's about the defect--apparently it's just a fatty deposit in the leather, so nothing to worry about structurally. But they offered to discount the boots slightly, which was nice...I'm happy and happily give big ups to the folks at Baker's!  
  Thanks--just talked to Baker's with precisely this line of thinking in mind. I can deal with the defect...my disappointment comes from the fact that these boots come at a premium cost--and that cost should include quality control to catch issues like these.  
Got in touch with Kyle at Baker's. His thought is that it's most likely an issue with how the boot was lasted. He's already contacted White's.   I should say that dealing with the folks at Baker's is a real pleasure--top notch customer service.
Just received my White's SJ's (8" brown dress leather) from Baker's. Very happy with them overall. The only issue is this defect in the leather on the inside of the vamp.     My question: this looks like a natural scar in the leather...and these are boots I plan to use rather than baby (as much as possible with $$ shoes anyway). But is this something that passes muster with quality control or should I contact Baker's/White's?  
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