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Wow i love that bottom picture
Great taste. I actually agree 
I view walking in shoes equivalent to mileage on a car. A casual boot might be the best bet for everyday use. Chukka boots comes to mind but don't listen to me. I'm knew this part of the fashion world.
I do agree. Its weird to see the intern go out like that but yet he was in it for so long. I think Dexter is on for one more season after this one FYI. 
I would agree. No argument here, it is a must. Wth was I thinking, smh.   
I just got a fetish for dresses and skirts. Yoga pants are cool too  
I can try to help. Go to places where people that share your interest will hang out at. You first have to think positive. Thinking positive will show through your body language, tone and words you choose. You have to know yourself that you may be able to make her happy. If you think you can make her happy then you will behave as such. Now that your thinking positive about yourself, think something positive about her. What is it about her that makes you interested. Her...
I agree 100% word for word
I'm trying to figure out what brick and mortars would sell various styles of buttons for a blazer. Would a department store offer them or a would have to go to a boutique? Can I get some suggestions please?
I like the watch
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