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Does anyone have any feedback regarding suit supply shirts and shoes?
Any suggestions regarding suit supply shirts? Hugo Boss slim fit shirts fit me perfect in a size 16.5, I also like the fit of Thomas Pink and ETON shirts. I see that Suit Supply has slim and extra slim fit shirts, How do suit supply shirts compare? 
@saltricks    I wear similar size as you just 3 inches shorter. I wear a 34.5 waist though. I think I am going to try the washington fit. There are a few suits I have been looking at and I am going to purchase them as a birthday gift to...
I think I need a 42S in slimmer suits and 40R for the suits with shorter jackets. 
Hi, my name is Tim, I am from Atlanta Georgia and I love fashion. I work in accounting. I am 5'6 188 (40R or 42R suit, 16.5 dress shirt, and 8.5 or 9 in shoes). I LOVE good dress shoes. 
Just curious. I am 5'6 188 I usually wear a size 40R in suits like Hugo Boss the Pasolini fit and 42R in the James/Sharp fit. For the most part I usually wear a 40R with alterations to the sleeves. I am wondering should I get a 42S in suit supply suits. I wear a 16.5  32/33 dress shirt. Any assistance is welcomed. 
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