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they look strange imo, maybe its just an unflattering body type to have them on and since you said youve got glutes it might be better, but I think they look awful  
Ironically I used a toothbrush on them. Dipped it in a little water, shook it out so it was just damp, then slowly/gently scrubbed over the area. I'm hopeful in another month or so the fading of the whiskers will be progressed enough to direct most of the attention away from the spot.    
hmm, this sounds like it could either dry the paste up and make it flake like you think, or possibly instead bake the stuff hopelessly stuck on there? i'm worried about the latter...
I got toothpaste on my indigo/indigo slubs. Not sure what to do. Spilled beer all over my regular indigo's last weekend which forced a wash after 9 months (turned out fine but I was sweating it/disappointed I had to wash early), I really hope I haven't ruined these in the same week.   Any input welcome.
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