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 Did I screw up that bad? I did some searching but found nothing conclusive. Ah well, I'll take my bashing, I suppose. Or just ignore it and move on. 
Sorry, I know this has been asked before, at least once or twice, but what oil do you guys use for your CXL Indy boots? I use Obenauf's Leather Oil on my Wolverine 1Ks but that darkens them up too much. I don't mind messing with the Wolverines because I'm harder on those boots. I just need something to keep my Aldens conditioned and looking good while staying as close as possible to the original color. Any help is appreciated.
Also where can you get original replacement laces for the 1K boots?
I have a newb question here. I bought a pair of 1K boots a couple years back. I wore them for a few weeks and decided I wanted to "protect" the leather sole and had a local shoe repair shop throw a thin half sole on. It's the same thing you'd put on a dress shoe. They're slippery as hell in any inclement weather and just aren't right for the boot. I'd now like to add a lug sole.Can a cobbler take the old half sole off or will he need to install all new soles to put on the...
Does anyone know of any retailers in Dallas that stock the duffle bags? Orvis has some Filson bags, but each time I've been there they've never had the duffles. I really need to see them in person so I can decide between the small and the medium.    Does anyone else think that there should be something in between the small and medium? It really seems like a pretty big difference between the two. Or maybe not, I just need to see them in person.
Really close to pulling the trigger on a heavy tin small duffle for a weekend bag. Any thoughts or input on the material? Haven't seen much discussion on these heavy tin bags. The heavy tin is $70 less than the classic twill duffles is the heavy tin just that much cheaper to produce or would I be sacrificing quality? Cost isn't the deciding factor in this nearly as much as I think that moss color is just gorgeous.
 Regular store. My coworker bought a pair of of walnut Strands and matching belt. 
Apologies if this has been discussed already, but I just got back from my local store and the sales rep told me that starting 4/11 AE is having a sale. It looked like the list of styles was two pages long, so it's apparently going to be a fairly broad sale. I know for a fact that McAllister in all colors will be $259 and the Clark Streets will be $249. I didn't ask about anything else, I figure we'll find out soon enough, but that's good news.
Does anyone have any experience with AE wallets? I really like their card case, it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but I don't know if it's a quality product or just something they slapped their name on. I have no problem paying $75 for a wallet IF it'll hold up.   http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SFBCWBRN_1_40000000001_-1_
They just sent it to me. I didn't sign up for anything recently
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