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My Wolverines have been on my feet pretty much every day all fall/winter. I don't know why, but I haven't touched my Indy boots in months. Have had lots of crazy weather here in Texas lately and I'm really glad I went with the lugged Vibram half soles last summer, I'm much more sure footed in icy/snowy conditions now. I can't believe I ever felt like I needed to baby these things, they're so much better with a little character.        
So I went to my local store yesterday pretty much intent on buying a pair of chili McGregors. The color is amazing in person but I didn't fall in love with the shoe on my foot. I left empty handed. I think I'll wait for chili strands to show up in my size
That's odd the pair on the far left looks tan. I thought the oddball was the 2nd pair on the left
 I've gotten a couple pairs of AEs on ebay for great prices. Both were barely used and I got lucky and paid less than $100 for each. One pair was an old discontinued model in burgundy corrected grain leather. I paid $40 for them and paid a cobbler $20 to put a pair of rubber sole savers on the bottom. They fill in nicely as my bad weather shoes. That said, one thing I to pay attention to when buying on ebay is the sole; some polish and poor lighting can hide some wear in...
Nice collection, I want to get a pair of McTavish soon. What is the fourth color? I thought they only came in black, tan and cognac?
Thank you for the comparison shots. Bob's Chili looks like a great color. Never cared for the original chili but I like the new color
 Yes, need more pictures of those! Would you say that the color in the pic is a good representation of how they look in person? In the pic they almost look like a light bourbon, not seeing much of the reddish color I see on the AE website.
So even though AE has the RDA sale going on I was looking at Nordstroms to see what they carry because I have a gift card I can use there. I saw they carry Strands in dark chili burnished. Is this a Nordstroms exclusive? Is this the old chili or the new Bob's Chili?
I'm really itching to buy the McGegors in chili. Waiting to go see the color in person, though. Is the new Bob's Chili the same color as the old chili?   Might also have to finally pick up some Strands in walnut. 
Yeah my 1Ks feel super tiny compared to my Aldens and Red Wings.
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