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Just picked up my two year old boots from the local cobbler, had a Vibram half sole and heel put on. I'm really happy with the job. All ready for fall/winter now.       
I think I'm really close to pulling the trigger on the natural plain toe boot from Unionmade. Before I do this, does anyone know of any other retailers with their own variation of round toe boots in natrual CXL in stock? I'm aware I can get the same boot with a leather sole. Wondering if maybe anyone has a natural CXL cap toe or something else? Just curious before I place my order.
These look amazing. The lighting here compliments the color much better than on the WinnPerry site. If I could get this same exact boot (leather sole, cap toe) in natural CXL I'd jump all over it.
Upon further inspection they look like they're missing speed hooks all together. Unless this is some variant I dont know about
Those actually do look funky. I'm no expert but the ankle looks wrong as you said but so does the cap toe and maybe even the leather looks off. Could just be weird lighting or angle though.
Would really love to see a side by side comparison as well!  
Anyone have pictures of the PTB in natural CXL with some wear? Only pics I find are brand new. I have a feeling these look amazing with some patina.
 Did I screw up that bad? I did some searching but found nothing conclusive. Ah well, I'll take my bashing, I suppose. Or just ignore it and move on. 
Sorry, I know this has been asked before, at least once or twice, but what oil do you guys use for your CXL Indy boots? I use Obenauf's Leather Oil on my Wolverine 1Ks but that darkens them up too much. I don't mind messing with the Wolverines because I'm harder on those boots. I just need something to keep my Aldens conditioned and looking good while staying as close as possible to the original color. Any help is appreciated.
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