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 Most of the staff here in Socal wear the Chore Jacket year round, it works well as a light jacket in the spring/summer and as an under-layer in the fall and winter. It's a little bit lighter than most people think it is and it's the one jacket that we all wear consistently.
 If you still do want to return them, we can make an exception: Just email returns@apolisglobal.com and mention Style Forum.
Next week we're releasing some new Indigo Knits alongside a few new accessories:
Apolis Collection: Shop by Look  
If you're in the area today, we're starting the sample sale one day early and Styleforum Members are invited! We'll be here until 5pm.  
For those around the Los Angeles area, we're going to have a Sample Sale in the Arts District April 3rd - 6th  
LAST DAY: Today is the last day for the getaway shop, flash sale savings:       In honor of St. Patricks Day, we are offering savings on green items:  
We just received a range of new products, available to ship immediately:           
New Posts  All Forums: