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Apolis Nomad Zach Glassman, founder of Passion Passport, hand-picked his favorite travel essentials for this limited getaway shop with savings over 50%.  
Today we offering a 50% savings for only 50 people with the Apolis Field Supplies No 1, a mystery bundle of 5 travel essentials hand-picked by Apolis Nomad Micah Albert. 
We just received a restock of the Indigo Wool Blazer, shipping immediately for those of you who have been waiting for us to get those in.  
 24 hour sale is on through the rest of today
  This is behind-the-scenes of development for next Fall, we'll have 1 or 2 technical outerwear pieces, can't reveal much info yet but we are excited about these!
 We'll have some select items on sale tomorrow, and next week we'll have a shipping promotion…
 Unfortunately these did not make it for 2013 Fall, but we are finishing development for next fall which has some great new chinos.
Most people find them slim compared to most shirting, it's probably close to a Brooks Brothers Slim Fit. The buttons are Indonesian Trocas Shell buttons
We're very pleased to have just received the restock of the Chore Jackets in the shop. They're available online to order now, but it takes an extra day to get to our fulfillment center, so any orders through the weekend will ship Tuesday morning.    If you're in Los Angeles you can come by Common Gallery to grab one.
New Posts  All Forums: