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 Yes, must have been someone who emailed the same thing; email service@apolisglobal.com
 We're working on a restock for both black and brown, but with some great design iterations; I'll post a photo when we get the first ones in, it should be in the next week or two
 Our service manager received your email, you should receive a reply later today.
We're not sending this out until Sunday, but wanted to let you guys know we are offering one week savings on a few items for Columbus Day.
 Both are already available at Common Gallery
Just added the measurements for both   CPO   Blazer
 Close guesses. The CPO is more of a jacket, we added hand-warmer pockets, and slimmed it down to be a good mid layer. The blazer is a little different Civilian Blazer in that it has patch pockets and is completely unlined, not unlike a Boglioli K Blazer. The cut is a little slimmer, more fitted than the Civilian blazer. We won't be officially releasing or announcing these for a few weeks, but I just put them on the site so you can grab them before any sizes sell out. The...
We wanted to share a sneak peak with you guys of some exciting stuff we have planned for our Indigo Wool fabric this fall.     
 Yes, the Slate was discontinued. An exact gray color is the hardest thing to reproduce when working with PFD garments, so we couldn't get it to meet our standards. However, if you are interested in gray blazers stay tuned for something new later this fall.
The Civilian Blazer is always available in Navy and Khaki, alongside a seasonal color. We just received this fall's Army color, shown below.     We're putting together our color palette for summer but would love to hear what color Styleforum members would be interested in for a summer blazer?
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