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STYLEFORUM SAN FRANCISCO: Join us next Wednesday evening (Dec. 3): apol.is/dec3
Styleforum Members - As a small thank you for the support from the Styleforum community we are providing one week only savings. Today through Sunday (Nov. 30) use the code "STYLEFORUM20" at check out for exclusive savings, sitewide! Also through Sunday, free shipping for all USA orders over $50.   Explore: apol.is/shop
For those in Seattle, we want to invite you to the opening of Nomad Market inside Glasswing on September 10th. Shea Parton will be there for a live conversation, with refreshments provided.
We're releasing two new shirts on Sunday, but they're both available to purchase and ship now:   1. Slate Linen Button Down 2. Hunter Khaki Linen Officer Shirt  
 We'll have more concrete size info when the final production arrives this fall, but the length issues were addressed to be more consistent with our typical size scale; we also added lined hand-warmer pockets. The liner has been designed to be worn separately, but we wanted to create more mobility / a little less stiff so the liner will be a vest instead of a full liner and should allow for more layering & flexibility than the previous iteration but still provide warmth on...
 Unfortunately whatever pants are available is the only thing left. We expected more interest in the pant but it actually was very slow moving, so no planned restocks as of now.
 I think the page is back up, let us know if there's any more errors.
 It's already been washed, so shrinkage should be minimal.
24-Hour Sale tomorrow, available a day early for Style Forum members:  
 The only images we have of fall so far are the ones we previewed back in March http://www.apolisglobal.com/journal/product-behind-the-scenes-preview-autumn-2014/ We'll let you know as soon as we get some new previews and any behind-the-scenes info we can share
New Posts  All Forums: