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Here's why you'll love Apolis' new Hand-dyed Indigo Archive Jacket:   AMERICAN-MADE. Every step of the local manufacturing process is within 10 miles of our Los Angeles headquarters: cut, sewn and hand-dyed ||   VERSATILE. The 100% cotton twill material weighs 6.5 ounces and is perfect for year-round weather and travel-ready with six pockets ||   NATURAL INDIGO. Each piece is hand-dyed multiple times in natural indigo to obtain a deep blue color....
Our parka is classified as "water resistant." Thanks for checking in!
 Thanks for the question! According to our shop managaer, Danny, the Parka runs a size large so our suggestion is an XS.
Great question. Journal Standard should have the largest selection. Always good to call the retailer ahead of time and see if they have what you're looking for in stock as stock on hand can change from day to day. Feel free to reference this list of our Japan retailers: 
So glad we could be of service, and that it was a good experience. It's what we always aim for. As far the pants, should be a similar fit. The fatigue pants may be slightly larger. Thanks for reaching out!
Explore ONE-WEEK Green savings for St Patrick's Day 🍀: apol.is/st-patricks  
Chore Jacket in NYC? Here is our stockist page: http://www.apolisglobal.com/retailers/ Sadly few retailers carry the entire collection, including the Chore Jacket.
Thanks for the question! Check back the first week of April and we should be all set with a restock!
Follow the link for a letter from Apolis co-founders Raan Parton & Shea Parton reflecting on our recent field-trip to Patagonia for a breakfast hosted by B Corporation: http://goo.gl/KQ2CCb   PSSST... Read the whole letter for exclusive savings sitewide that expire TONIGHT!  
 Our shop manager Danny can help with that! +1.855.4APOLIS (USA TOLL FREE), ext: 2.
New Posts  All Forums: