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Speaking of CPO's, we have now have both up in the online shop, we're pretty good on inventory for all sizing but we'll be announcing them in our email newsletter tomorrow.  
 The indigo wool is probably a little lighter than traditional CPO's, I think there have been various CPO's that even come with lining. Ours is unlined, so it's almost more of a cardigan type layer and can even be worn with a t-shirt if you'd like. Depending on the person, it's probably best for mild weather down to low 60's/high 50's °F, or used as a mid-layer under a parka for colder weather. A lot of the staff here wear theirs year round, and some wear sweaters...
Sneak Peak: Melton Wool CPO in Charcoal, coming next week  
For anyone who's on the fence about the Indigo Wool Blazer, wanted to let you know it's selling very quickly and we only have 10 or less in every size remaining, and only 1 left in Extra Small. Most likely we won't get a restock until January, so grab one now if you're thinking about it!
 Most likely the 33 will fit you well. Thigh measurements, taken straight across from the crotchSize 32: 11.5"Size 33: 12"Size 34: 12.5"
 Our Shop manager is 6'2" 178lbs and he took a Medium. 
 We measure seam to seam straight across the front of the blazer, I just double checked and it's actually 18.5" across, looks like our software shifted the table over one so I just corrected it
 Yes, must have been someone who emailed the same thing; email service@apolisglobal.com
 We're working on a restock for both black and brown, but with some great design iterations; I'll post a photo when we get the first ones in, it should be in the next week or two
 Our service manager received your email, you should receive a reply later today.
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