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  email our service manager stephen@apolisglobal.com and he can verify and get you the survey reward
Introducing the Striped Indigo Nautical Shirt. Exclusively available in our online shop or at Common Gallery.   The size measurements are on the bottom right of the product page.    
Probably best to go with the XL, they are similar fit to our other T-Shirts but slightly slimmer because of the Indigo dye
Our newest release is the Indigo Pocket T-Shirt, made right here in Los Angeles, and is now shipping.       You can see Tyler Wells wearing the t-shirt in our latest journal entry:
If you took the survey and have not yet used your discount code for 25% off, today's your last chance as the savings expire tonight.  
We just released the Chambray Service Blazer in black. Shop our favorite black items:  
The Summer Survey is here: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1303124/2013-Summer-Survey   Take a couple of minutes to fill this out and receive a 25% discount code valid through July 30, 2013.  
  There was a delay in production, but we'll be preparing shipments to send them out later today.
  We are actually widening all of our ties from 2.25 to 2.5". We just received a restock of chambray ties in this new width and eventually we'll have all of the ties in this width.
  We usually recommend buying normal waist size or one size lower, but for some the true waist size is a little slim. They'll stretch out about one size in time.
New Posts  All Forums: