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All 8 colors of the Linen Accessories are also available in a bundle at 25% off.  
We're happy to release our Washed Linen Accessories in 8 New Colors, shipping immediately.       
For those in New York, we are having a Private Opening Reception for Nomad Market in Southampton on May 25.   View Invitation to RSVP.  
We only made even sizes for the latest run of swim trunks, the odd sizes had very low demand.  
The Indigo Wool is 13.5oz while Filson lists the Mackinaw wool as being 24oz, so it's almost twice as heavy. For reference, a lot of peacoats are made in 24oz wool blends, so the Mackinaw would be more of a winter coat, while the Indigo Wool Chore Jacket is a transitional piece, good to use as a midlayer in the winter or outerlayer in spring/early fall. You could compare it's functional use to a shirt jacket or thicker cardigan.   
We just updated the product page with pre-order details. You can now pre-order your size and it will ship on or around June 14th.  
Give us your waist size and I can get the thigh measurements for each of our chinos.    
Through Sunday we are offering the 35% off of the following products in olive  
Can't tell from the photos, what exactly is happening to it? The bottles aren't any different outside of the co-branding so the quality should be in line with any other one from SIGG.  
We usually aim for size 40 to be a Medium, but the measurements on the site are pretty accurate, this last run of the blazers were cut a little bigger. Ordering both and returning the one that doesn't work is defenitely the risk-free way to ensure the best fit.  
New Posts  All Forums: