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The Indigo Wool is 13.5oz while Filson lists the Mackinaw wool as being 24oz, so it's almost twice as heavy. For reference, a lot of peacoats are made in 24oz wool blends, so the Mackinaw would be more of a winter coat, while the Indigo Wool Chore Jacket is a transitional piece, good to use as a midlayer in the winter or outerlayer in spring/early fall. You could compare it's functional use to a shirt jacket or thicker cardigan.   
We just updated the product page with pre-order details. You can now pre-order your size and it will ship on or around June 14th.  
Give us your waist size and I can get the thigh measurements for each of our chinos.    
Through Sunday we are offering the 35% off of the following products in olive  
Can't tell from the photos, what exactly is happening to it? The bottles aren't any different outside of the co-branding so the quality should be in line with any other one from SIGG.  
We usually aim for size 40 to be a Medium, but the measurements on the site are pretty accurate, this last run of the blazers were cut a little bigger. Ordering both and returning the one that doesn't work is defenitely the risk-free way to ensure the best fit.  
  Through Sunday, April 14th, we are offering complementary ground shipping for domestic orders over $50 in the Apolis online shop.
Check our journal for photos from last weekends NorthernGrade Pop-up Shop  
We've added 2 more bundles, available in the online shop through Monday. Get a FREE iPhone Wallet bundled with a Transit Issue iPad Case, or get FREE Denim bundled with the USMC.      
Glad you made it out! We'll have a recap with photos up on our journal in the next few days.  
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