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The Washed Lined Field Jacket is similar to that of a military jacket, it runs a little big so I would suggest sizing down (1size) however, there is a draw string to bring it in some in the waist.
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Following up on this right away. Otherwise we can hunt down at a retailer near you. Where do you live?
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Sorry about that; it should be working now. http://store.apolisglobal.com/luggage/wine-tote/#natural
I just double checked, 33.5" is the correct measurement from center back on a Large, so yes the sleeves do run a little short. 18.5" is the measurement from armpit to end of sleeve if he wants another measurement for reference.http://store.apolisglobal.com/store.item/itemGUID/D53976E2-29A7-4CA0-B861-51D4EAF90522/#charcoal
Reviewing right now, we'll follow up right away
We'll follow up on this right away, stand by.
One of our favorites too! Let us know if you have any fit or service questions.
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