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Hello,   Thank you for your inquiry... Our Surplus sale is Dec 11-13.  Also, stay connected to our IG page: @apolis for information and updates.   Happy Holidays!   Best, Raleigh
Hello,   Thank you for your inquiry however, I would suggest an XS based on your size.    Best, Raleigh
So sorry! Please send a note to service@apolisglobal.com, screenshot this note and we'll send you a $50 e-gift voucher for the inconvenience.Shea CEOapol.is/about
Thanks for taking care of this! If you're ever in downtown Los Angeles, we'd love to host you at our flagship store: http://www.apolisglobal.com/common-gallery/
  As a small thank you for the support from the Styleforum community we are providing one week only exclusive savings on select products, today through Thursday, November 19th. Click here to shop our private Styleforum sale.
ANNIVERSARY SAVINGS: Apolis' flagship store Common Gallery opened in Downtown Los Angeles in October 2011. To celebrate the 4-year anniversary of Apolis: Common Gallery, enjoy one week of exclusive savings! Shop at apol.is/anvsry-save  
Great!  Thanks for your support.    Best, Apolis
Thank you for your message.   Honestly... If it's itchy on your skin, the wool will not soften over time however, there are remedies online to soften wool - of course we recommend that you follow the directions on the tag to prevent any damage.   If you decide to explore different options... I found this one for your reference: http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/itch-out-wool-27732.html   Best, Apolis
We wanted to tap into the expertise of a specific Mill in Italy that works with that particular blend. The blend was perfect for the color, durability and warmth  that we were looking to establish.    Best, Apolis
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