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STYLE FORUM MEMBERS IN THE VIRGINIA REGION: Join us on February 8th! We're opening Apolis: Nomad Market with Need Supply. Here's a preview and details to RSVP:  
  Thanks for liking the store! Not too sure what you mean about "no shilling in the thread." We were just sharing some cool things about the City
We love San Francisco, but obviously not everyone is going to have the best first experience. If you go and do touristy stuff, SF is going to seem kind of lame, but if you go to the hidden concrete slides in the Castro, hit up Bourbon and Branch for a drink, or watch a movie with your wife in Dolores Park during the summer, you'll never want to leave. Don't write it off just yet.   Best of luck on the new job. Stop by UNIONMADE GOODS if you're looking for some new...
It was just to show the back of it. Reversing your pocket square for a more chambray look, is starting to take off.
Polka Dot is back boys!    
For a more rugged look, we sport these trek socks:      
Our friends in the City have told us so many good things about you. Looking forward to seeing your new products drop! We sell a Cone Mill Selvedge Denim too, it wears in really nicely.
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