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I am normally at 50 in Cabourn - shirts, jumpers and jackets.    I have two pieces the orange top in a 48 and the fit is perfect for me.    The grandad top I have is in a 50 and it is a a bit too big - I can get away with it but the 48 would of been better for me.    Hope that helps. 
I have been keeping my eye on Han Kjobenhavn for the last couple of seasons and I just wanted to see what other people think. For people who have not seen the brand before it is Danish and they do some great denim pieces and I have uploaded some pictures from my blog                    
It is worth trying to get hold of vintage and some of the original pieces from the revived collections. It is my understanding that Belstaff are moving away from the heritage collections into the luxury market so probably the last chance to pick these pieces up.    For anyone interested in the old pieces there are some vintage adverts and a picture of the old factory in Longton on this blog   As for...
I managed to find the Cricket Club ventile jacket - old Harrods advert but I am not sure on the year but I would say between 1983 and 1988.     
You can get one ordered from
I thought you all might be interested in some old Cabourn.    This is from a collection he did for Woodhouse in 1987         This is an early 1990s advert with Jason Statham to the left.        I have an early 1980s picture of a Cricket Club jacket from Harrods but can not find it at the moment. 
The jacket should flair out at the bottom you can see it on the original pictures of Mallory   Just wear it a few times and you will get used to the fit and find it is actually quite nice - really good to put your hands in the pocket to keep warm. 
Please they came back and interesting to see how Drew has been using a machine with his jacket - I am not sure I am brave enough to do that. 
Well I have last winters waxed Camerman and it was in a 50 as I wanted to wear a jacket underneath but I had a couple of inches taken out of the body, my skyliner is in 48 and my Mallory is in a 50. I always change the size depending of what I will be wearing it with and don't worry about giving your Cabourn to a good tailor as it is easy to alter to fit just right. 
Why Not go for a Gloverall Churchill Reefer?   Really much better quality than anything from the high street or most fashion houses - they also do some good collaborations with YMC if you can stretch your budget a bit. 
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