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Hi Geoffrey, Make sure to stretch and warm up before regular exercises and get nutritive diet plan from your coach to meet body requirements for workout. Make sure you are having regular check ups, focus on technique and take rest between exercises. http://sanantoniofitbody.com/
Hi Robert, Some more tips for you to treat acne. Do add raw food ,more in your daily meals and add nuts and seeds more in your daily diet. Increase your water intake and limit refined carbohydrates and sugar intake. Manage your stress with regular workout and avoid caffeine and other stimulants.
Hi Razuel, Congratulations in losing 100 lbs and you are looking great specially in 1st picture. Your post and pictures will be of great motivation for chubby people to lose and maintain body weight with strict diet meal plans and regular exercises. http://sanantoniofitbody.com/
Hi eg1, Never went for stress test as I have managed my stress with regular workout and balanced diet plan. I don't smoke and drink and never use any other stimulants also. Don't forget to share what your doctor said to you and do exercise regularly and follow balanced meal plan to cope with stress.
Hi Javyn, Agree with you that will power is important factor in hitting your goals and like to share some tips to quit smoking here. Set a quit day and make it special for you and ask your friends and family to support you in your decision. Do not buy cigarettes, save money you would spend on cigarettes and plan for a treat tomorrow. Avoid going to places where you might found smokers and do start some sport, exercise or any physical activity. 
Hi Kishan, Congratulations on losing 205 pounds with nutritive diet and daily workout. Great motivating link for those who are struggling to lose weight and like to say we must exercise regularly and follow balanced and nutritive diet plan to lead active and healthy lifestyle.
Hi Jam, Very informative link so thanks for the share. Like to add to improve health we must exercise daily and watch what we eat. Set realistic goals, keep our workout journal and measure our progress daily. Eat healthy and nutritive food only and avoid junk and fast food. Avoid alcohol, smoking and other stimulants and have enough sleep of 8 hours daily. http://sanantoniofitbody.com/
Hi doughboy, Congratulations in losing 7 lbs and set realistic goals to lose more weight as obesity is one of the major factor for heart disease so follow balanced diet plan and workout daily to lose and stabilize your body weight. Break your meals in 5/6 small meals including snacks and prefer raw food over processed food. Increase your water intake, drink green tea avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda.
Hi Palsoma, Very informative post  and those who wants to burn belly fat must add these food in their daily meals. Like to add broccoli, whole grain bread. salmon fish, garlic/onions, chilies, lean chicken, low fat dairy, brown rice and citrus fruits.in the list also as they are also effective in burning belly fat. http://sanantoniofitbody.com/
Hi All, I daily ran 8 miles and I have been running daily since last 2 years. I have started with 2 miles and gradually increase my distance to reach 8 miles a day. Regular running helps me in maintaining my body weight healthy and keeps me active. Running makes my heart and lungs strong and promotes muscular development. Running reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and cardiovascular disease.   http://sanantoniofitbody.com/
New Posts  All Forums: