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Thanks for your suggestion Grenadier! I found one good website from slickdeals: . They have affordable and nice suits there. My bestfriend coming from UK will help me decide on this and will visit the store for me. I'm having an eye for a grey suit.
My friend suggested me to choose in these designs. Which is best? I need your advices. :)
This is just a favor. :) If you could give me sites where to find it? So that It will be easy for me. If you don't mind.   Thanks to all. ^^  
  Thanks Grenadier.   I'll try to talk to him later about your suggestion. Hmmm... do you still know other options aside from this?
So what do you think is the best range of price??
Oh Ok, If we do not have time. They have their websites right? hmm. So that we can check immediately
Hmm. Yes Mcbrown, It's just a temperate one. Anything will do dear. :) Just site or name of shops.. thanks thanks. So that I can see the choices of designs...
Hi again roger C. What site is that? I think that's cool. :D
Hi GBR. He said, I will be the one to choose. Hmmm...
This is the account of my hubby. So sorry, Yeah, thanks for the color suggestions. But what site  is best?
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