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ann ds are glorious. As ExAngel mentioned they are really sublime in a subtle way(love the chunky sole). You can easily score a couple  pairs(low tops $300ish or below, high-tops $400ish) during sales. But I do agree the price is way too inflated. Not so long ago (pre 07) they were retailed for $500ish..... I understand production cost has skyrocketed, but still, price nowadays has gone wayyyy too out of hands.....
Unless you receive emails directly from LVR the codes probably won't work(tied to your account)
Another old Raf piece sz 46
  Pretty sure he is just flipping the items from Japanese auction sites.......Some of the items are still on Y!/Rakuten if me memory serves me right(Price aren't that bad)........ All the stockists are shown on their website
You might want to try FromJapan... As much as I love Hide-San and SSJ, FJ is just so much more convenient and easier to use......You can specify the shipping method/declared value you want to use, track your items online and most important of all, avoid losing auction at the last minute.....I've used their service several times now and my items(clothing, vinyl records) all arrive safe and sound without hitting customs. 
 Kiko Mizuhara
I have the toothpaste one, Cut is quiet generous comparing with the more recent offerings. Been looking for the matching pants for quiet a while but to no avail    AW 09 is actually one of my favorite YY seasons(along with AW05, 07 ,SS09 and SS12). Sadly stuffs from that season rarely pops up on Y! or ebay.......Gilt used to have a bunch (I'm guessing they are from the NYC store), but totally missed out on the sale, sigh......    some nice findings from...
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