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I would buy a conditioner like Venetian shoe cream or Cadillacs boot and shoe care, it's what I've used since I bought them. It doesn't change the color and it keeps them conditioned
 I would bring it in to a cobbler and see what they think (maybe they can re-stitch it or tie it off). It doesn't look like a critical part of the boot but if it unravels further who knows what will happen. 
Hey thanks, and yeah my cobbler had these in stock as well as the raptor half sole and just a thin rubber sole with no pattern on it. They are doing great in the snow right now so I am very happy with the investment.
I've been using Cadillacs boot and shoe care on the boots since I first bought them, it is a less aggressive way to condition and waterproof the upper leather of the boots instead of using Obenaufs on them. I only use Obenaufs on the soles and outer edge as it changes the color and shine of the boot dramatically but protects where I need it the most. We just got our first snowfall of the year where I live and the boots did great in a few inches of wet sloppy snow. 
I get all my boot work done at a place called 5th Avenue Shoe Repair up here in Alaska, and the half sole on the 1K only cost me $24.95 so I couln't resist.
My brown 1K's with a new Vibram Commando half sole, Love em                  
Your right I should have clarified. I read through this thread 30 times before buying mine and your posts did help my decision. I was aiming my comment towards those who just aren't satisfied with the boot and it seems like they will never be, constantly complaining about this or that. They are boots, they never promised to fly, do you see what I'm saying. I wasn't directing my comment to you when I commented the first time. To me its cut and dry, maintain your boots,...
Here is a video, "specifically stating" they should be kept dry. It is a 1000 mile boot maintenance instructional video posted by none other than Wolverine themselves. Enjoy...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dKav9_7X6U
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