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And Put boot oil on before the LP
Mink oil is an animal fat which over time can rot your leather, and you want to stay away from products with chemicals and silicone in them because they can break down stitching. I prefer obenaufs LP, it's a less harsh substitute for snoseal and is less waxy. Make sure to heat up the boot with a blow dryer before putting obenaufs on and apply the LP by hand.
Yeah they were quite a bit lighter when I first pulled them out of the box and looked a little dry so I oiled them and LP'd them for the winter. The more I wear them the lighter they get, I like the color of them a lot. I didn't want to get the amber harness because of its close color similarity to the 1K's.
8115 in copper "rough and tough" out of the box with Obenauf's oil and Heavy Duty LP:     Next to Wolverine 1K:   After a couple of days of wear:    
Hey thanks for the tip, I decided to go with the 8115 copper color just because it seems like the rough out can be a handful. I've treated the 8115's with obenaufs oil and HD LP, I'll post some pics soon. They are pretty stiff at first compared to my wolverine 1k's but I like breaking them in to my liking so I don't mind it. I went a full size down from my sneaker size as I did with my Clarks DB's and 1K's and they fit perfect. The leather quality is great too. I still...
Sweet thanks guys
Im sure this question has already been asked a thousand times but how are you supposed to go about conditioning the muleskinner leather?
Esquire spread on the 1K and a video showing how they are made
I use Obenauf's oil, they sell it at Sportman's warehouse for $16.99
Has anyone resoled with a vibram christy?
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