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Get a little jar of Obenaufs leather oil, dab a very small abount and rub it on the scuffed areas with your finger tips, and then use a horse hair brush
It cost $55 and they were done in about a week. It was well worth the money
Here are my recently full resoled 1K's. I haven't seen anyone do a full resole with these so I thought I would try it out, and I am very impressed with how they came out. My cobbler did an excellent job putting the Vibram Christy sole on. I hadn't worn the boots in over 3 months because I personally think that the sole and heel on these boots are very unattractive and impractical. The boot is much more comfortable to walk in with the thick rubber...
Foryoureyes, you sir are an utter idiot. Your like the guy who buys cool clothes to go to the gym but doesn't know how to do a jumping jack
It's funny all this talk about half soles falling off made me check mine. And sure enough it was peeling off in the inside edge of both boots! The cobbler even shaved a thin layer off before putting the half sole on and it still started peeling back. I pulled it all the way off the boot and don't think I'll be putting half soles back on. I also realized I like the look of them without the half sole much better anyway.
Yes I went with my 1k size and they are pretty similar. Some people say that the iron ranger fits tighter but I must have gotten lucky and got some IR's that fit normally.
I second the 10-15 wears, and the leather will form to your foot over time, mine were a bit tight in the same area as well And they fit perfect now
Boot oil really conditions the leather, while LP is mostly a protectant from water and salt/sweat, and It preserves the leather, but will still condition the leather a little as well.
And he said "before wearing" which means they shouldn't be too dry in the first place.
You put the boot oil on first, and then you blow dry, and then you LP, and then you blow dry, and then you wipe off excess with a rag, and then you brush with a horsehair brush, and then your done. It opens the pores to let the LP sink in.
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