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I like the gif kindofyoung.   Simple and clean.
Those red balmains remind me of DBSS more than anything else.
Do wool sneakers make your feet sweat like crazy?
I like this thread.
Can't go wrong with any really.
Back of collar to hem is ~24.25"   Front of collar (top of zipper) to hem is ~21.7"   Sleeve from shoulder seam to hem is ~26"   Chest from pit to pit is ~22"   Shoulder to shoulder is ~18"   Also, keep in mind the puffiness of of the jacket makes it fit a little slimmer than other kinds of jackets with similar measurements. 
Jacket fit looks solid to me.
The jacket is in black herringbone suiting wool.   The size is 48 with reduced lengths.   Only tried on in my room. Never been worn outside.   Asking ~$420 shipped.
  Nothing a little bit of white out can't fix.
Quote: Originally Posted by gastarbeider  pics of a friends pair of GTs that have stood the test of time. Man Beckmans look pretty SZ with some wear lol.
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