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Cordovan anything looks amazing.
The roughouts have a nice raw look.
Lots of good brands I didn't know about in this thread. And I didn't know Thorogood made sneakers either.
There seems to be a lot of options for mtm leather these. Might have to finally get one soon.
The Beckmans look amazing.
I would love to see a pair of navy shell boots.
^The distressing looks a little too overboard on those jeans for my tastes, but someone else may be able to pull them off.
Looks like I'm gonna have to make a trip to Burlington soon. Didn't know there was an outlet there.
I like that orange vest, and I rarely like clothes with bright colors.
Picked this up a while back form the Filson Store in Seattle. I went in to check out the popular Levi's X Filson collab and ended up leaving with this because I liked the fit more. However, I hardly wore it and now I'm cleaning out my closet.   Measurements: ~21 in. pit to pit ~23.5 in. form back of collar to hem   Feel free to ask any questions.   $150 shipped
New Posts  All Forums: