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Not a huge fan of chuck's styled shoes, but I kinda like those soles.
I purchased a pair from Zappos  a while back that i quite like at that price.  They even had sundance riptide uppers which is found on some of their more expensive boots.
I don't know much about cobbling but since those sneakers appear to be stitched on couldn't they be resoled in a manner similar to goodyear welted shoes?
Those dog eyelets made me smile.
I'm loving all the ravello on this page.
Only worn a few times. I love them but they are a little too big for me and I need a smaller size. These are on the Barrie last which run large.   Asking $495(plus paypal fees) shipped. Asking $430(plus paypal fees) shipped. Asking $395(plus paypal fees) shipped.
How do I close a classified?
How do I close a B&S classified?   nvm figured it out.
The fit pic isn't me haha.   I think it's Drew, one of the onwners of ToJ.   I took the rest of the pics though.
I'm around 5'7" and 160lbs.   I found it too be too tight though which is why I'm selling it, despite the fact that I think the jacket looks amazing.
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