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Like Bonggoy said, I use the myfitnesspal app and have it on my phone, iPad and computer at work. I track everything even down to the condiments. It's amazing how seeing what you eat each time you look it up, I was blown away with how many calories even a snack wrap at a fast food place really was. It's insane and not really that filling. Also don't get tunnel vision on one fat area which in your case is your stomach. Work everything and the results will show. I hit...
Damn man you are a machine.I ran 3.5 miles before doing abs and back at the gym. Honestly hated running my entire life, which is weird bc I've played nothing but soccer and tennis since I was 3 at pretty much every level, but lately got into a groove of trying to get at least 3 miles every other day with mixed in weights.
As an adult I don't think I've had any bad hairstyle, just some days where it doesn't seem to want to stay in place but in high school I had some ridiculous ones. I'll try to find a pic on an old hard drive. I know in middle school I rocked a buzzed head with bangs which always cracks me up every time I see it. Although I can honestly say I never had highlights or a bowl cut
Do a lot of pre-planning for your meals through the week. On your day off try to cook a few chicken breasts and flavor them to your choice. I'm pretty active at work and since college, where I could eat anything in sight and never gain weight, I gained 20lbs. Since I have cut out any and all fast food and soft drinks and stick to a healthier eating regiment. I didn't change a thing and lost 15lbs in no time. It takes time to plan but once you get a set schedule and...
Well played to Bayern, they did exactly what it takes to beat Barca. They played as a team and used their size to win long balls
I've traveled to England, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore by myself.  My first trip was England solo which wasn't bad since English was no problem.  SE Asia was interesting on the fly but I had no one to bother me which made it an experience I will never forget.  I loved every minute of it and stayed in places most wouldn't enjoy. I also met amazing people along the way and had no one to look out for or make sure the other person is having a good time.  I'm more...
Without the ridiculous red, United would have won I believe. They cut out every passing lane and defended as a unit. However, Lopez was a wall
Being a sales rep for one of the big paint companies, I can say that it depends on the quality of work. A general rule is 1/3 for materials and 2/3 for labor. This is a standard number for pretty much any "quality" painter. Of course all situations are different but this is a good estimator for how painting and coating contractors price work. Just my .02
I just bought a flight from Bangkok to Phuket to cut down on travel time. Also, bought an Olympus tough 8010 underwater camera, a Nikon 18-200 lens for my dslr, a float strap for the underwater camera and a few prints for the living room.
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