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Can't decide on this green DB coat. Is it just the show picture drawing me in? I have to say, it does look nice. Any opinions on how versatile a DB coat of linen/cotton/silk blend in green would be?   Don't want to wait much longer before pulling the trigger as I missed this red Hudson jacket in my size. 
^ Saphir is a great product, but $39 is a lot when you can buy separates on Amazon.
Holy sh*t. That coat is gorgeous! Copenhagen jacket in cotton, size 38R for $129. Last one in stock. If it wasn't for the super-slim fit and thin lapels, I'd be all over this. EDIT: And this Napoli in 38R. 
That really puts it in perspective! Thank you. I'll skip on the Lazio this time around. 
Thanks for the reply. I haven't pulled the trigger on this one. For $299, a 3-piece seems like a good deal in full linen cut. This is the kind of look I want to go for. 
Someone put back the Lazio 3-piece in linen right after I already put an order. Why, why, why. I was gonna buy that! Does anyone know if this guy is more like a tobacco brown? 
Scratch that. Got the two Madison cuts - blue, chalk stripe and grey plain. I'm in love with DB suits. 
 Be careful! It easily becomes an addiction.  Thank you! I forgot all about my post here. The LWBs are by Hanover. I purchased them through eBay in the summer of 2013. They arrived dried and I was worried if they were worth wearing/keeping. The return shipping cost was nearly the same as I paid for the shoes. I decided to keep them and experiment to bring them back to life. It took months, but I finally got the confidence to wear them and I'm glad that I did.
I haven't posted around here in a very long time. I hadn't done some shoe care in over a year and got worried about my vintage shells. I hit them with my trust ol' Saphir Renovateur and a long-time large-effort horsehair brushing. I love shell cordovan. Granted, the sun does make them look nice.    At the same time, I conditioned/polished my regular wear calf shoes two or three times in one year. I wore three pairs at least twice a week. They still look great with very...
To any Canadians here, is Suitsupply collecting tax on all purchases now? I haven't ordered from SuSu in a few years, but I was never taxed before. It was always included in the final price. 
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