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 This is no longer true.
 Shirts are all I've been wearing now that it's warming up down south. No way I can do dress shirts any more. I'd like to wear shorts but I don't want to embarrass myself.   I've been lucky so far with the two J Crew linen trousers I ordered. The sellers do take negative reviews seriously. I've ordered some Chinese branded shirts that were inconsistent in sizing; left a negative review; seller immediately contacted me to provide me with a refund. I only order from sellers...
I live in China, as well. I highly, highly, highly recommend you use Taobao for purchases for anything from shirts to shoes. You can find discounted J Crew and custom-made dress shoes on there for cheap. 
Don't mind me, just having a shoegasm. Incredible collection!
 Cool trick, indeed. Suede is just hair right? A natural fibre like silk, so it burns similarly. I burn off loose threads/stitching on shoes and ties alike. Very carefully and precisely, of course. I did mess up a nice wool tie doing this. Lucky for me, it was only a thrift.
How much was that MTO? ^
Great thread. Great deals at the outlet.
Grayson in navy suede? Was that an MTO?
That's awesome. But if there's only three pairs, I bet they've all been snapped up.
Darn. I've been off SF for so long I missed this ;( The MTO Eagle County's have been looking real nice. Thanks, gents.
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