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I would NOT keep those Daltons. That is a crack in the shell and over time, and depending on how your foot creases the shoe, it can get bigger - ultimately destroying the shoe.
^ Doubt it. It's probably real. Just happens to me an MTO that was rejected or perhaps even a new model. AE loves to experiment.
 Do want...
^ Here's an old picture of my brown shell Patriots. They're a wonderful shoe and they've patina'd very little during my use with them. It's been one year of ownership so far.  
 Eh, if you pay for first quality shoes, you should expect first quality shoes. 
^ So? It's his shoe. He can do whatever he pleases with his own purchase. 
It's a vintage Florsheim Kenmoor model from back when Florsheim was a well-respected and constructed shoe. 
I went with coffee. I have enough tan shoes that I couldn't justify getting a copper suede shoe. 
I'm leaning towards coffee suede myself. Although, copper is quite appealing because of its light colour.
Gents, in your opinion, what colour suede is the most versatile? I'm debating between a copper suede and a coffee (snuff?) suede. Which one works best for both casual and dress situations?
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