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I have a sizing question, gents. It's about time I gave Meermin a shot. I'm looking at purchasing a pair of double monks in suede on the Hiro last. In terms of sizing, how should I go about it? I'm generally a 9.5D/E foot for laced shoes and 9D/E for slip-ons (US sizing). In Allen Edmond's 5-last, I wear 9.5E .   Much appreciated for any responses.
During my conversations with the seller, he/she explained to me only three construction methods, the most of expensive of which is GYW. I wasn't told of anything being handwelted. I doubt the authenticity of 90% of the pictures on Taobao. Usually they're copies from the Internet and are used to "show-off" the product, but don't actually mean anything. The leather is good - for the price. It cannot/should not be compared to major Euro makers for example. Also, the seller I...
  Already tried these guys when I was working in China last year. Got a bit ripped off. I ordered a pair of black double monks.  The good: - Cheap- Authentic Dainite sole- Goodyear Welted The bad:- "Ecco" leather (Google it - yes, the company)- Ridiculously long toe box (add an extra inch of length to a pair of Carmina double...
 Finally AE is getting something right. I really like the silhouette of this chukka. Although I'm not a fan of the brouged cap-toe. This and the McGregor are both very handsome shoes.
What's the cost of shipping factory seconds to Canada nowadays?
^  I size down half a size on any shoes that don't require laces.
I would NOT keep those Daltons. That is a crack in the shell and over time, and depending on how your foot creases the shoe, it can get bigger - ultimately destroying the shoe.
^ Doubt it. It's probably real. Just happens to me an MTO that was rejected or perhaps even a new model. AE loves to experiment.
 Do want...
^ Here's an old picture of my brown shell Patriots. They're a wonderful shoe and they've patina'd very little during my use with them. It's been one year of ownership so far.  
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