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To any Canadians here, is Suitsupply collecting tax on all purchases now? I haven't ordered from SuSu in a few years, but I was never taxed before. It was always included in the final price. 
Would it not end up being the same price or more expensive once landed duties/taxes are calculated?
Anyone have pictures of the slim and contemporary suit fits side by side? Or can provide info on how the two fits differ? Suitsupply's size 38 in Lazio, Hudson, London fit quite nicely; with only slimming required in the waist. Would slim or contemporary be a better fit compared to SS?   Also, how do I tell the difference between Model 1 and Model 2? 
 Are these customizations welt/eyelets etc subject to charge or included in the price?
If that really is the case then I'm in for a natural shell Leeds or Strand...
 This is brilliant. I really wish I was in the States for this occasion. Alas, I am out of the continent and on budget constraints. I would love the MacNeil in navy shell... However, what does the natural brown and 'deep dark brown' look like?
^ Interesting. But I feel there's so much left out of that article... it's too short. I want to know more!
Sadly, I don't live in Toronto anymore.
 Well, Internet, I never thought it possible at this point, but you've done it again. I'm creeped out. It's time I go to bed. 
From one of Paul's posts in AAAC...  I applaud Paul for that one line. That's not just great of a CEO, but that is great of a leader - a true person. 
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