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My friend. What have you done?! I've already bid on three shoes and put 10 on my watchlist! There's a shell cordovan penny loafer in there for only $20!
I love my Hanover LB Sheppard. 
 I don't use shoe bags. Shoe bag maintenance? What?  Nothing. Wear them to death. No one except you will notice the wrinkle.
 From where I'm sitting, these look to be corrected grain. In the world of classic men's shoes, these are garbage. If you can't return them, wear them to death. 
These are gorgeous! To think, shoes were sleek and had a beautiful form so long ago. 
If you want depth or antiquing, you'll want to use a darker coloured polish. Personally, I've never used lighter-than-shoe cream/polish long enough (without cleaning/conditioning in between) to know if the colour changes, but with the buildup of product on leather, I can imagine a change in tint to a lighter colour. 
I prefer to use lighter colours. Nothing adverse will happen from a few uses. Using darker coloured shoe cream will make the leather darker. Using a lighter coloured shoe cream may make the shoe look a little lighter over many uses and time. But if you're cleaning/conditioning regularly, this shouldn't be an issue.
The vest looks off in some way. It's not the kind of vest you typically imagine.
Personally, I believe Lexol's leather conditioner leaving a greasy/oily residue is the whole point of the product. Just like a hair conditioner, it's bringing back necessary oils and nourishing the leather. After an application, the conditioner is absorbed into the leather; there is no residue remaining.
Not sure if linking to outside websites is allowed, but this blog has a quick guide on cleaning/conditioning. There's also a few YouTube guides on polishing shoes and shining. 
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