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Don't mind me, just having a shoegasm. Incredible collection!
 Cool trick, indeed. Suede is just hair right? A natural fibre like silk, so it burns similarly. I burn off loose threads/stitching on shoes and ties alike. Very carefully and precisely, of course. I did mess up a nice wool tie doing this. Lucky for me, it was only a thrift.
How much was that MTO? ^
Great thread. Great deals at the outlet.
Grayson in navy suede? Was that an MTO?
That's awesome. But if there's only three pairs, I bet they've all been snapped up.
Darn. I've been off SF for so long I missed this ;( The MTO Eagle County's have been looking real nice. Thanks, gents.
Is the Eagle County MTO still available for $197?
   I second both you gents. The Patriot loafer is my best fitting shoe (brown shell). I have another one or two loafers but their fit is slightly looser and I just don't enjoy wearing them as much. My only regret is buying only one at the $200 price I snagged them for!   
 Fantastic shoe. I can't remember why I ever sold these.
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