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PPrices have gone up for shirt-making in Shenzhen. They are still made by a factory in Shenzhen.
 I don't bother storing shoes in bags or shoes, either, unless I know I'm not going to use them for a very long time to come. I brush my shoes before and after wearing them. I feel this is enough care along with regular cleaning/conditioning. I agree that shoes are meant to be used for what they are made for - to be worn. Admittedly, I baby my shell cordovans, but my bovines get used.  As for temperature, that's definitely a factor. Leather is skin, after all. Too much...
GREAT condition MacNeils in burgundy shell on eBay.
Always thin. It's better to have three thin layers over time than one thick layer at once. You want to allow the leather to breathe. 
 Thank you + yikes! I'll have to pull the suits out of the box again and see if there's enough fabric to cut close to the buttonholes, without having to shorten from the shoulder. If it's going to cost me, I might as well sell them without tailoring. There's an outlet store in Toronto where I can sometimes grab full-canvas suits for ~$500-600; and the tailoring is top-notch. Alas, they do not sell wide-lapel DB suits in fabric blends... I buy SuSu only for their more...
 If you read my post you'll see I crossed the border, picked up the suits and brought them into Canada. I've paid NY+Ontario tax + currency conversion. You're welcome to do what you want, but please, do read.   Good to know. I'm always worried about working with a tailor and not having a number to work with. 
 In my experience, dying shell is noticing cracks beginning to appear. Even before that, signs of warning are very fine cracks (you have to look very closely) in the leather and where it bends. It really does look like very dry, wrinkly skin. As for old shell, old shell can look just as good as new shell given that it's been taken care of. 
 38R. I may sell one or both, but I'd be selling them to recoup my money, so the cost will be higher than if you purchased them directly from the outlet. Fair warning.   The cost of shortening the sleeves and maybe doing further tailoring is gonna cost me. Isn't sleeves around $75? 
Finally got my two Madison's today. Picked them up at the border. After fees, taxes and currency conversion, didn't really "save" much at outlet prices. Came out to almost regular price. Anyways. I'm disappointed between the two. QC is awful. The two jackets fit VERY differently. One suit jacket has a major collar gap issue while the other does not. To top off the bad luck, I'll need to have the sleeves shortened if I want to wear one of them in public. Not gonna be easy...
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