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 Are these customizations welt/eyelets etc subject to charge or included in the price?
If that really is the case then I'm in for a natural shell Leeds or Strand...
 This is brilliant. I really wish I was in the States for this occasion. Alas, I am out of the continent and on budget constraints. I would love the MacNeil in navy shell... However, what does the natural brown and 'deep dark brown' look like?
^ Interesting. But I feel there's so much left out of that article... it's too short. I want to know more!
Sadly, I don't live in Toronto anymore.
 Well, Internet, I never thought it possible at this point, but you've done it again. I'm creeped out. It's time I go to bed. 
From one of Paul's posts in AAAC...  I applaud Paul for that one line. That's not just great of a CEO, but that is great of a leader - a true person. 
Gents, how is the fit on the 7-last in comparison to the 5-last? Is it roomier? Would you recommend going up or down in width from the 5-last to the 7-last? I'm a 9.5E (wide) in the Park Avenue, Strand, etc. 
I guess my only option is to try them on! Maybe when I have a chance to go to Spain in the spring. Thanks for the response!
Will the width make any difference as I wear a wide width in the AE 5-last? 
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