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What do you guys think of the tips on how a suit should fit in this video? I mean if it's possible to go by this "guide" when thrifting or going to stores where the employees are not very knowledgeable.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4l4khCUnIM&list=FLayLrDi0NBhDrvdC11i8yiQ&index=1
newbie369: I don't like them very much.   1: Well, they are not terrible in terms of the squaredness (even a word?), but too square for my liking.   2: Well, I think they look quite bad. The leather seems to be of low quality from what I can tell and they are not pleasing to the eye.   I would say replace them, but if you don't want to use money on new shoes that is totally acceptable.   In my opinion, Herring Knightsbridge is a decent cap-toe oxford shoe...
monsen86: I would recommend Herring Shoes (herringshoes.co.uk), AFPOS (afinepairofshoes.co.uk) and Pediwear (pediwear.co.uk).   I have noe idea of the quality or price level of Florsheim shoes but you should find decent longwings in at least one of the mentioned websites.   In addition, you could check out Meermin (meermin.es). Do note that there is a long delivery time (30-45 days for some models) as they've become very popular due to a lot of exposure in this...
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