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I have just positive experiences with dealing with Herring Shoes and Adrian Herring, the proprietor of Herring Shoes.   I've ordered in total 5 pairs of shoes, shoe trees and one belt from them.   G-banger: I got the Herring Degree belt on the sale for about 25£ on sale. For that price it's an OK looking and feel (in terms of quality) but I don't think it's great. It's just OK. I would rather go with the Chelsea belt if you're looking for a belt in brown at about...
No Benjamin suits for the UK part of the webstore?   The Benjamin  suits appears to be excellent value/quality and returns would be easier for me if you were based in the UK and less costly.
Damn you!    I have been shopping quite a lot during the sales in january and I was supposed to not buy anything for a while.   This excellent offer, plus the beautiful ties from Drake's "made me" buy something from you.   I bought the purple grenadine and the blue striped woven grenadine by Drake's.   From now on, I will have to at least try to avoid reading about great deals on SF...
Rdiaz: Yup, bought a very portable and light computer in summer and that doesn't have a optical drive.   I normally manage through Netflix, Spotify and similar services so I very seldom need to read physical media.   Djosef: That might be a good idea, and as you say, they are quite cheap now.   I remember struggling a bit with Windows 7 install with USB-sticks so I might do that to reduce my stress levels if I need to reinstall/format W7. :)
Well, personally I don't own a DVD-player so I would like to download, but pay for a digital copy of the movie.
Ricpac, I would also check out and
+1 from me as well, used it on a pair of suede chukkas with good results.
stitches: Nice!   Deets on that tie?   Malford: Beautiful SC.
Thanks for the reply, Tobias and RCAsia.   I'm a bit skeptical to wearing anything pink really. Pink shirts, if light pink, can work though.   Yes, I've been wondering about what length to go for, but I'll try to keep it in the 3.25 to 3.5 inch-range. :)
I'm trying to build a basic tie collection and was wondering what I should prioritize.   I have three decent ties in navy; a repp tie (I think...) from Edsor, a solid navy tie from Eton and a pin dot tie from G&H on its way in the mail.   (Eton is probably not "decent" by SF standards, but I picked it up for 15 USD and the tie felt quite nice)   I'm also considering a navy grenadine tie from Sam Hober (or midnight blue) and was wondering what you think about...
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