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Agree with steffen here.   But deets on the gloves? Looks like peccary gloves but from what maker?
  OK, so I'll stick with the grey suit.    I'll make up my mind at friday/saturday before the ball by laying the two different shirts and the tie/ps combination on my bed to assess it, but it's good that you think the combination would work. Thanks! :)
I really want to use this tie from Drake's on next saturday (student ball at my faculty at uni). I have a navy suit and a medium gray suit to choose between. Either white shirt or a pale blue/light blue shirt. 1: Navy suit or grey? 2: White or blue shirt? Appreciate any help on this. :)   If this isn't appropriate I have a solid navy tie of decent quality and a purple grenadine (drake's) on its way in the mail, though I'm a bit unsure whether it will arrive in time...
I would agree with Holdfast here.   As I live in Norway, I would prefer royal mail for most items and with an option for express shipping by courier (DHL or the likes).   The latter (esp. DHL) incurs some ridiculous extra charges for me in addition to the VAT but at the same time they are often 3-4 times as fast as Royal Mail. Royal Mail has the advantage that you can pick it up at your local post office and that you don't need to be around just for the delivery.
Even at a discount ties from Drake's are quite expensive (at my income level) so I settled for one tie from the sale.  
Excellent thread and lots of good stuff to bear in mind while thinking of purchasing new clothes.   I've been stuck on clothing in the colour black for way too long. When I was in Shanghai and had some clothes MTM (suit + 2 jackets) I bought a black trenchcoat instead of navy which is a more versatile colour. I've also bought a PRL black cardigan at full retail (in Norway that's quite a lot of money...) when I really should have gone for another colour.   I'm...
Will there be a sale in their online shop anytime soon? Anyone got any information about that?
Thanks for the quick reply, aravanel.    I will base my casual shirts from Luxire on a PRL OCBD and in that regard I will take into consideration what other people normally do. (lengthening the shirt sleeves)
I'm thinking of ordering a couple of OCBDs from Luxire (custom shirtmaker) and I have a question of proper shirt sleeve length.   I've googled quite a bit and found that piece of information but I'm wondering about visible shirt cuff in different situations.   Shirt length is a problem for me as I'm quite long and can't seem to get the proper sleeve length from RTW-shirts so I hardly show or show a minimal amount of cuff when using a suit. I know that some amount...
EDIT: Got the shipping confirmation today!   Looking forward to getting my first ties from Drake's of London! 
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