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Great read. Thanks for sharing.
I'm scared it will fly away so..... tucket
Where did you get these ties?
I'm a big fan of Inis Meain Knitware.   They can be a little hard to find but i love there knits. 
Go to any Levi store and check out there 501s. Great RAW Denim:;jsessionid=GGdxQKsL0nGVj6y4vC0gvYYD8QR4yTzWKwRSmP3PCknwTQ5ynTXG!1874152659?productId=10948887&fbn=10948887%7Cnull%7Cnull&clickid=prdsw   Theres three in manhattan
Was looking for a winter coat. And found exactly what i was looking for. Brown tweed jacket. 3/4 length.  and best of all hand made!!! love this thing!   Loving this jacket!!!                
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