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Here's a funny friday clip!  
I haven't found much this year, but here it is!   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]] Wolsey is wool/nylon pretty slim fit. When I look at the pic of the Arny it looks like a stain but I'm pretty sure it's a crease or something. Everything fits!
Looks good to me too, zipped also, wear it a couple of times and see how you feel
Womens Gloverall dolomite, fits me so I'm gonna wear it. NWT PRL pants and victor victoria wool pants          
GrAtTiZ! Have everyone seen the danish Pusher movies? Highly recomended Here's the Gucci coat I talked about. Grenson boots on discount     [[SPOILER]]     And Opinel makes nice, cheap and very lightweight knives. Here's mine with modified handle    [[SPOILER]]
Yes, it was a too big for me at the time and not really my style, so I kinda forgot about it. 10 000 beers later it fits perfect!
Would love to see some pics of your guys collections Thanks man! I was working in the coat check at a posh place like 2001 and somebody forgot it there and never came back for it. Pretty strange leaving an overcoat in winter, especially a minty 2k$ (or something)
Any input on this? Fake? Maker? It's a black velvet DB coat. I bought the wolverine boots before christmas, love them! Paid more than the ones linked to yesterday though    
NWOT Denim Demon selvage with cool map-pockets, Scotch and soda belt, vintage belt and nwt scarf. Not thrifted but also bought the book futuremyth was talking about as an early birthday/christmas gift to myself. Thrifted a book about ww2 german soldier clothing and stuff. ^^^ sup!   [[SPOILER]]
 And another thing, does anyone know anything about Royal Rossi cashmere scarves? I've left two of them, they felt a little suspicous, but I'm no cashmere expert
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