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My thrift thread friends are experiencing The Thriftening and all I found was a lousy Nudie     +
I think it stands for B**ch Better Have My Money  [[SPOILER]]
CdG Black Nudie!   Very nice book, Photographing Italy   +J 80 20 wool silk in your favorite color, black! Ck down vest
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I made this a couple of years ago with stencils. I used a plastic record sleeve cover, it's not very difficult.
6.8/5 for me!
When I saw this I thought of this!
I think someone who was getting married was looking for a midnight blue tuxedo in 42, if I remember correctly http://www.styleforum.net/t/505098/ralph-lauren-black-label-rlbl-midnight-blue-tuxedo-42r-bnwt   not mine
Missoni sport and Nudie leather      
just an older label I think
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