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MMM cotton/wool with leather elbow patches, rugger, FSC cotton pants and Diesel black gold tshirt      [[SPOILER]]
I bought this fishing bag and under the removable plastic lining was a box of flies   Cotton alpaca wool polyamid Rugger and silk linen short sleeve PRL Cotton cashmere linen JV   The second one with this fabric I've found
This is prolly hard/impossible to answer...but anyways, Gianni Versace short sleeved silk shirt, elastic bottom hem, no other tags than slim long neck tag that said gianni versace in "normal" letters, not typical G V logo, big two hole MoP buttons. Does it sound like anything they've ever sold or obvious fake?
I don't know if I've seen this brand in the thread, I bought it cause it was a bit chilly out and wore out the store. Maybe you see it a lot in Germany Spoo?   PS by Paul Smith  
Linen Armani Collezione cardigan missing tags, super nice and fits me. If my research (looking at an old ebay listing) is correct retail was $1,5K. Linen Altea scarf    
Yeah, I tried with a little water yesterday, and like you say it didn't stick
Unfortunatley inside labels were cut off (but if they hadn't, it prolly wouldn't still have been there so...). I don't know much about SI but I decided it was real, everything just looks quality. Agree about the small sizes. This fits me pretty perfect so gonna hang on to it. I didn't know badges were that expensive on their own, thanks
Half a football hooligan uniform, Stone Island jacket, tags missing and Bur Brit shirt.         http://www.stoneisland.com/se/stone-island/mid-length-jacket_cod41616962bf.html#dept=ctsjckts
I'm pretty sure this is a women's, just so you know. Or am I missing something? Very nice anyways!
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