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I think it was @Jompso who posted on how you can tell if a Canali is a suit or sc from the tags a while ago.
I hope you don't eat it with your hands..    
This is pretty nice! I have wanted to find a nice weekend bag for a long time, suede and leather
CTyrwhitt belt, how cool are the MMM pants!      
Hmm, I like it for some reason... and I think I saw someone else do it too?
Roc Lana BLK DNM, no other tag but wool or wool mix I think         Eskdale, a bit longer than Liddesdale   Armor Lux wool, this is really nice   Down parka    
Bad pics, nice jacket    
Peepholes, unfortunately not in great condition but works for me, Bernardo model. The Bridge bag  
Public enemy with run dmc 1988 I think. Nirvana, Ray Charles, lords of the underground at Roskilde. Sade !!!  
Only 1 find today, but not complaining...          
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