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Yeah, I bought it (wool/6% cash, patch pockets), just curious, don't know if I've found this label before...   edit; meant to quote Impuntura
  This is a pretty recent label, no?
Tiger tan coat/parka missing hood, Dutti Sport suede safari shirt, C.P. Company wool scarf, NWT 501's, Helmut Lang, green Levi's jacket and nice shoe trees.     [[SPOILER]]
Crime wave 1985, I enjoyed this, not perfect but pretty funny, feels a bit like a David Lynch inspired student picture, in a good way   This was an ok comedy/adventure, James Garner is usually pretty good imo. Support Your Local Sheriff and Rockford were favourites growing up...   And 3 aussies Vietnam movie, ok but I wouldn't recommend   The Square 2008. This was almost very good imo, but I could see people finding it very good. Smart script, good...
True, great score too
Maybe not the same as yours... but a couple of Barbs I've found have been pretty unwaxed, I've assumed it's because they've been machine washed before donation
Baron leather garment bag, and a better pic of the Diors from the other day      
It's thesehttp://www.clarksusa.com/us/mens/mens-view-all/Desert-Mali-Black-Leather/p/26110038 I bought a pair of suede desert boots a couple of years ago and the sole has held up better than I expected. I read somewhere that these ones were being discontinued (I don't know if it's true), so when I found them on sale I kopped. Mine are 9 UK. Unlined and pretty lightweight, haven't worn yet...
Sole worn a bit at the heel, but cheap and in good condition otherwise Longchamp Le Foulonné Document Holder, made in France Zegna Sport 85/15 cot/cash, Rugger short sleeve, OL cotton Clarks, discount
Haven't caught up with thread yet, just wanted to repost an old PS I did...     Edit; oops lol, sorry, people were already tired of Spoo music
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