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Lol! Happy Socks x Project Pat would've been genius. They would have had the whole world scratching their heads
Happy Socks x Snoop Dogg collaboration   http://www.happysocks.com/us/snoop-dogg-gin-juice-socks.html
Filippa K boots, I already have a pair of these, been using them as winter boots the last couple of years, nice to have two pairs. I've been looking for a nice blue OBDC, was very happy to find an OL. Unlined leather gloves  
Nice! Did you ever post the gold buttons? How much did you get/think your gonna get?
Yes it is, you sexist #&'%¤!(jk) I didn't know when I bought it that gloverall had the buttons on the "normal" side, some brands don't on their duffle coats. It worked for me but I sold it when I found a navy men's gloverall. The women's fit was a little bit looser. Hard to say about temperature, I usually dress pretty light in winter, so I would wear between about 0 and -20ºC, and some would probably say -5 to +10ºC
Maybe was mine  What happened with that Polo sweater someone was selling and was surpriced by the attention it got, like a week ago, just curious? Also I've been waiting patiently to hear more about Futuremyth's pop-up event!
Did anyone see Bosch, another Amazon pilot? I loved it. I think a series is in production now Alan Paine alpaca and suede R.M. Williams 
 Maybe try and shrink it if it's not very big on you?
Jil Sander tailor made, like new, a little big on me but might work. The nicest suit I found, soft wool flannel   [[SPOILER]]
Some shirts  
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