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 And another thing, does anyone know anything about Royal Rossi cashmere scarves? I've left two of them, they felt a little suspicous, but I'm no cashmere expert
Red, but not that bright red a little more towards burgundy
It's similar to this  http://www.orvis.com/p/mens-barbour-polarquilt-zip-in-liner/24px"Zip it into your Barbour waxed cotton coat or wear it alone..." Not as bright red irl
Stuff from last couple of weeks             Made in Italy nice no name briefcase   Rose and Born wool   I'm gonna replace the buttons   Sail Racing   Peacoat tag
Does anyone know what zipper these usually have? Saw one marked "LOL"...didn't even try to google it.
I bought the scarf yesterday and gave it to a friend today, it's her birthday, she seemed to really like it. Canali sportswear down vest      
Oops! Bottino
edit; Bottino genuine alligator and Gloverall pea coat    
I thought this was cool   "The author, a collector of military memorabilia, only learned of it when he bought a pair of American uniform trousers. In the pocket was a map showing the location of the battery no one knew was there. He went to it and found an overgrown field. Searching it, he found the entrance to a bunker. From there, Mr. Sterne eventually bought the property and began excavating it until he had unearthed the entire complex. Eventually, he restored it...
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