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Scotch & soda shirt, Our Legacy, J Lindeberg sunglasses and Indigofera black selvage dyed with gunpowder, retail is like 250 euro    [[SPOILER]]
Thrift Vader (or anyone else) have you seen Free and Easy, a japanese magazine? Seems very nice    
Good morning Jompso, nice to see you back!
Zeis chelsea boots, goodyear welt, seems well made    
Maybe make them a bit longer with some leather at the cuffs, (I've shown it a couple of times before) something like below? 
Meindl worn once or twice      
I'm gonna hang on to it, but I'll keep you in mind if I ever decide to part with it
Carhart Digger coat and a book about sneakers          
If it's for yourself I think it's an OK price, not a super bargain but leathers here are usually priced a bit higher
To the guy with the Lacostes, I don't know about the crocodile with the text, I've always assumed that they're fake, at least the ones I've seen. The regular crocodiles are fake. Fakes are pretty easy to spot, if you look at the chest crocodile first, 99% of the time it looks off if fake. Then look at the fabric, it should be an airy weave, lots of tiny "holes". The real ones I've seen have really small side "vents" or what they're called, fakes usually have none or bigger
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