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I bought the scarf yesterday and gave it to a friend today, it's her birthday, she seemed to really like it. Canali sportswear down vest      
Oops! Bottino
edit; Bottino genuine alligator and Gloverall pea coat    
I thought this was cool   "The author, a collector of military memorabilia, only learned of it when he bought a pair of American uniform trousers. In the pocket was a map showing the location of the battery no one knew was there. He went to it and found an overgrown field. Searching it, he found the entrance to a bunker. From there, Mr. Sterne eventually bought the property and began excavating it until he had unearthed the entire complex. Eventually, he restored it...
Thanks man! That it is
Does anyone know which barbour it is? Can't find any tag with model name on it, slim fit. No other tags on moleskin suit and nice heavy wool knit Polo, sorry for bad pics!        
Eton, Acne selvedge and Acne  
Our Legacy, Filippa K and Nikes    
If it was mine I would sew on a pocket over it... brown leather maybe? or something
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