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I found one of these a while ago in green and it has become one of my fave shirts, nice to find one in a different color. Rugger windblown oxfordEtro white linen, first nice Etro I've foundSI cotton/nylon halfzip. I'm impressed with this, interesting fabric and cool detailsThis isn't anyhing special I guess, but cheap and nice cut  [[SPOILER]]
2 bags, first Marlboro Classics second no name unlined thick leather   PRL linen made in Portugal, ugly corni and LP short sleevve polo Prada long sleeve piqué shirt Whyred parka
I found these NOS shoes in my size, a swedish brand called Engelbrekt. Below they're pictured in some scans of a book from 1951, their 50th anniversary     More scans from the book on the blog where I've found them, some nice pics. Link   The shoes were made in Örebro, the center of swedish shoe production back then. Here's a film from 1940 of another shoemaker in Örebro, starting at about 4 min you get to see how they make a shoe (in swedish). Link
Our legacy, Silent by Damir Doma very lightweight drop crotch cotton pants and LVC 505 67 big E selvedge, worn once or twice Tretorn and Uniqlo trench
MMM cotton/wool with leather elbow patches, rugger, FSC cotton pants and Diesel black gold tshirt      [[SPOILER]]
I bought this fishing bag and under the removable plastic lining was a box of flies   Cotton alpaca wool polyamid Rugger and silk linen short sleeve PRL Cotton cashmere linen JV   The second one with this fabric I've found
This is prolly hard/impossible to answer...but anyways, Gianni Versace short sleeved silk shirt, elastic bottom hem, no other tags than slim long neck tag that said gianni versace in "normal" letters, not typical G V logo, big two hole MoP buttons. Does it sound like anything they've ever sold or obvious fake?
I don't know if I've seen this brand in the thread, I bought it cause it was a bit chilly out and wore out the store. Maybe you see it a lot in Germany Spoo?   PS by Paul Smith  
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