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I thought it might be same as yours when I found it! I don't have measurements but I would say it fits like JCrew or Polo medium, maybe a just tiny bit looser. Not avilable at the moment, I like them, this is my third Gant Rugger I think. Sorry shirt brother!
Rugger, EG and Kris Van Assche jogging pants  
  Yes. Technical performance and clean, urban ready styling
  Arc'teryx Solano Jacket, bottom stock photo in different color than mine, very nice veilancy feel to it    
My hands were working faster than my eyes on the rack and were like I think we got something here... eyes thought it looked boring. Hands - Trust me on this, it's prolly...hmm...camelhair? Eyes - Nah, pure cashmere. Mouth: Bingo!    
^^Have your tailor make two new buttonholes, or do it yourself
I wasn't even considering buying this cause it was a lot more than I wanted to pay, but I tried it on for fun and then I had to... Les Copains shearling   [[SPOILER]]
Great post, someone should save it (to save some time) because this question is going to come up again and again
Yes! Found the perfect cardigan, I'm usually a M in Polo but it fits great
My thrift thread friends are experiencing The Thriftening and all I found was a lousy Nudie     +
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