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Ferragamo is ladies, gave it to a friend who's a cat lover. Rugby is 70/30 cotton cashmere  
9 hours, 57 minutes ago Hi spoo 9 hours, 56 minutes ago PM SENT   Spoo's fast!   I've rewatched a couple of 80's classics. Yesterday Weekend at Bernie's and day before that First Blood. By coincidence they were by the same director, Ted Kotcheff, who also has a small but funny part in Bernie's as the darkhaired guys dad in underwear. Quote from the movie: Booze and women, thats my lifestyle and I love it!!
Found in corneliani leather coat, any ideas?  
Aha, thanks! Does anybody know if corneliani leatherjackets are made by somebody else, or did someone just sew on a corn tag on it? Seems to be really good quality...   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! I was a littled worried that somebody had sewn on a Corni tag on another jacket, because it didn't say corn anywhere else I didn't recognize tag 
Also found this, Corneliani leather coat, I think it's real?  
Levi's and BR cotton/rayon, I don't know which 501's they are...Also left a pair of 510's, small e no selvedge but with donut button. Is that a thing? don't know if I've seen it before  
No expert, but if it's not the angle and/or tag not laying flat, it seems that london and text below is not centered? Could be a bad sign?
 Quote:dsquared is for me, fits perfect Most expensive retail is probably Balenciaga minty DB cashmere coat from my first post here
That's the one I'm talking about. This mystery needs to be solved, someone should email Ralph or something
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