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Brown suede with ruber sole     I've posted this before, but now with new buttons         Mark Cross Italy           Very light weight unstructured Boss linen  
German army parka that at first looks black, but when you look closely you can see that it's a camo that's been dyed black. Hard to photo        
Silk cashmere    
No pics and won't be able to go back for a while, sorry
Sounds like an easy fix if you have a sowing machine, a patch on the inside and sow back the loop, or something like that? It won't be like new but personally I don't mind Acne, Resteröds wool and Scotch and Soda t-shirt       Oh and, older Rimowa aluminium suitcase for like 20$ worth picking up?
Thrift fit. Marmot jacket, Alan Paine cardigan and Rocky Mountain Featherbed pants, all thrifted. Gloves and carrera goggles borrowed from dad. Hat H&M retail  
Italian made, I think, tag is hard to read but says taglia 52r drop 6   [[SPOILER]] Swedish military jacket  Victorinox travel jacket  Reindeer leather  cool little pocket for your swiss army knife   Not thrifted but this seems nice, HM linen t-shirt 
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