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NWOT ovadia, Polo jogging pants and cotton Our Legacy    
Serengeti driver glasses and Boomerang cotton shawl collar cardigan    
Agreed! I remember the last one too, also really nice. You could print it and hang on the wall
I found a black one not long ago. Loro Piana? Yes please
Aha, that's cool, haven't seen those episodes yet
+1!    Quote:Another fun fact, maybe you all already knew, but anyways; Both Lucas and Spielberg thought Selleck was perfect for the part (Indiana Jones) and were ready to shoot with him as the lead. Unfortunately for Selleck, the actor had already filmed a pilot for a CBS detective show called "Magnum P.I." and couldn't get out of the contract.  [[SPOILER]]
Haven't got em here, but I think they're from 79 if I remember correctly
I still wear these. Maybe similar age? Pics!
Not thrift (sorry!), but bought these shoes!
Mandarina Duck leather tote   Hugo linen   Corni cotton polo Now I'm a member of Nu Go Lo Gang (have thrifted new logo polo. It's not a real gang)   Cashmere Andrew's Ties  
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