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Last minute gift tip for your secret santa, if you haven't found anything thrifting   The gift An Isaia wardrobe, including two suits, a sport coat and trousers, a formal ensemble, a topcoat, shirts and neckties to accompany each look, beach attire, and shoes. ❄ A private wardrobe consultation and fitting with Isaia’s master tailor in Naples, Italy. ❄ Two nights’ accommodations in a suite at the Eurostars Hotel Excelsior for the gift recipient and a guest, who will...
The Bridge and Giorgio Armani    
I like to call this The Battle of Ontario
Silk (I think) scarf, no tags handrolled, Cordings belt, Boss coat      [[SPOILER]]   
Huge shoutout to drlivingston, I suppose (jk), for offering and sending me replacement tassels for my AE Graysons for free. So very, very kind of him!         
I think it's the same as I found, but mine had been dyed black. Mine had german flags on the shoulders which I removed (someone has prolly done it on yours too) http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/133365#post_7757461
Fay jacket and Rose & Born belt   [[SPOILER]]   
My name is from the real name of one of my favorite actors, Maurice Micklewhite. Do you know who? Anybody  [[SPOILER]]
I got a ticket to a concert with these guys from a friend. He wanted to buy a t-shirt but they were sold out in his size so I made one. The "logo" and text are from thrifted records  
    Quote:Thanks guys!
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