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Allegri and nwot Gant Rugger    [[SPOILER]]
 Beautiful little poem!
 Hmm, looks to me like it would be really easy to fix
[[SPOILER]]   It's purple label right? I'm pretty sure buckle is silver, some really small numbers/letters, 925 or something. Leather suitcase  Jens Dahlström  Clarks new on summer sale. I dyed the reiss linen pants dark blue and the Boss blazer is also dyed, was grey.
I think it's womens, men's button the other way if I'm not mistaken
^^ http://www.sandqvist.net/sv/sandqvist-stig-svart.html?grp=2217080
Leather suitcase  Big silk scarf, anyone have any idea about brand?  [[SPOILER]]  Brioni orphan, 2 jeans and 2 comics 
Ui-Makai, J.Crew, You Local Firm sunglasses, Edwin and Vezzano briefcase  
^^^Nice! I remember when I was in a thrift or consignment store in barcelona some years ago where you were allowed to smoke, people were flipping through stuff with a cigarette in their hand
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