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I want to see a Round Two-style TV series from the LS store...
(just wanted to use another Omar picture)
The WV means virgin wool, the date is nothing special, it's on a lot of italian clothing
HD bed set, Duckie Brown, after going through thousands of scarves finally I find a nice one, OL raglan sleeve tee, austrian army boots, Carhart WIP and some nice pants Rose&Born and LBM, everything fits!              
Maybe interesting for Bahljs (I don't know how to tag) or others interested in how a pair of New Balance is made in their factory in England and a bit of sneaker history. The male presenter is super annoying tho...I also watched the crisps one   http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07th7b1
Looks a bit like a Cerrone album cover
^^Thanks! Here's a couple of more pics      
Rocky Mountain, very small , 36     Suit   Corn CC collection cotton/elastane Paul Smith Jeans   Cotton 10% cashmere
^^ I prefer, but maybe you can not get in america  
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