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German army parka that at first looks black, but when you look closely you can see that it's a camo that's been dyed black. Hard to photo        
Silk cashmere    
No pics and won't be able to go back for a while, sorry
Sounds like an easy fix if you have a sowing machine, a patch on the inside and sow back the loop, or something like that? It won't be like new but personally I don't mind Acne, Resteröds wool and Scotch and Soda t-shirt       Oh and, older Rimowa aluminium suitcase for like 20$ worth picking up?
Thrift fit. Marmot jacket, Alan Paine cardigan and Rocky Mountain Featherbed pants, all thrifted. Gloves and carrera goggles borrowed from dad. Hat H&M retail  
Italian made, I think, tag is hard to read but says taglia 52r drop 6   [[SPOILER]] Swedish military jacket  Victorinox travel jacket  Reindeer leather  cool little pocket for your swiss army knife   Not thrifted but this seems nice, HM linen t-shirt 
Rocky Mountain Featherbed skipants. Is it only jackets/vests that are popular?      
Thanks, it is really nice!  
Leonhard Heyden, marmot and PumaI think it's thishttp://www.leonhard-heyden.com/e/men/aktentaschen/tradition-3619-aktenmappe-1-fach-101885.html?___from_store=d       [[SPOILER]]
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