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Yes! Will do that later or tomorrow
Aha, thanks! What are the signs? It's the first silk PS I've handled so don't know what to look for. I thought it looked ok, but I also thought the silk didn't feel that great
Really like their fit also Fuecos favorite place on earth I'm guessing?  I found silk, silk and...silk!   [[SPOILER]]   Daniele alessandrini v-neck, gianni versace PS and made in china scarf
Joop! safari jacket     Corneliani 90/10 cotton/nylon  
Aha, cool, thx a lot! Definitely reasonable, hope they work out nice for you
How much was the shipping to sweden/the total in SEK? Thinking about ordering some too...
Acne western shirt and WESC sneakers     And the latest Connelly  
Gerry nylon down jacket without the hood     Nike canvas     I think this is real. Leather and rubber(?), ykk zip and seems well made. Made in Italy  
John Smedley sea island cotton  Cool pattern  [[SPOILER]]
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