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I took in a sport coat to Joe at Rizzo's. He shortened the sleeves from the shoulder as well as from the cuff, leaving 2" from the end of the sleeve to the last buttonhole. They are still just a taste long, but to keep the integrity of both the shoulder and cuff he felt this was a good compromise.
I had great results with a friend's sweater using peroxide. Put the shirt in a gallon zip lock and dump enough bottles of straight hydrogen peroxide in there to thoroughly saturate. Zip and let soak a few days. Rinse thoroughly in cold water, launder as usual.
Try FireWire target disk mode. Basically you need another firewire equipped mac to be used as your startup disk which accesses your MacBook, which is seen simply as an external disk in this case. You can go in and copy whatever files you need.
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl And you start taking it apart to replace the gasket and find out that the head is warped from overheating Yep, have a machine shop resurface any aluminum head when replacing a blown head gasket. Warped heads are hard to see and any amount of warpage and you'll be doing the job a second time. I agree with Thomas - might be a hose leak or something as silly as loose hose clamp. Sometimes you can just grab a...
Couple of things you can do. Remove the spark plugs and add a couple of squirts of oil into the spark plug holes, maybe a teaspoon. This will help lubricate the piston rings as well as minimize any piston wall scoring from rust, which can develop during long periods of inactivity. Fill engine with fresh oil. Turn the ignition to the "on" position for at least 30 seconds to give the oil pump time to relube the engine's internal parts. Now hit the starter and turn the...
PM sent.
Rodolfo's is a one man shop and everything is done in house. Good luck, i think you'll like his work.
This is kind of my experience with Jack's. Nice guy, but not a lot of attention spent on details, cleaning up a jacket in back, ect... Dropped off a pair of trousers that came back with a rather chunky hem line, as if an excessively thick hem found its way onto a pair of light weight wool trousers. Sit down and your eyes go to it straight away.
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