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Another vote for C&J. +1 on the advice to go down a full size, however the narrow width of your foot might be an issue. I'm a 10.5C and ordered the Belgrave in 9.5E (337 last) and felt like I was swimming in it, particularly at the heel. With B width hooves, I think you're gonna run into this same problem, sorry to say.
I have mixed feelings about Joe @ Rizzo. I brought in a blazer that had working buttonholes. The sleeves were long, so a good bit of the alteration came from shortening the sleeve at the shoulder. He did a great job of it, terrific work and was generous with his time and knowledge, answering my questions along the way. A suit I brought in was an entirely different ball game, however. Trouser had too much break and the jacket sleeves were very long. The sleeves were...
Thanks for the heads up deaddog. 30 is as large as they have at this point.
Likewise, if anyone has a 38R navy cashmere that doesn't work out as they expected. Thanks to the OP for the heads up on this sale regardless!
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent If memory serves, Alden was willing to do this, but for a $100 premium over retail. I haven't explored C&J, though. Yeah, in spite of the premium, you'll probably have the best luck just talking directly with manufacturers.
pm sent
pm sent as well
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio Anybody find these at any Boston area locations? (I'm afraid I don't know which locations those would be, but my wife usually hits it once a month with a friend who has a membership.) Nothing in Boston area - out of state stores won't ship either.
BR online doesn't show available in store stock. A call to a nice lady at BR however showed limited quantites in Altlanta, Kansas City, Houston, and Dallas for beeswax - Miami, Omaha, and Westport for black. Atlanta was a little funky at first, taking a credit card order over the phone - just talk with a manager and it's all good.
BR in Atlanta had a handful of beeswax in store as of yesterday. 404-231-4905, $22 shipped.
New Posts  All Forums: