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Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent If memory serves, Alden was willing to do this, but for a $100 premium over retail. I haven't explored C&J, though. Yeah, in spite of the premium, you'll probably have the best luck just talking directly with manufacturers.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio Anybody find these at any Boston area locations? (I'm afraid I don't know which locations those would be, but my wife usually hits it once a month with a friend who has a membership.) Nothing in Boston area - out of state stores won't ship either.
BR online doesn't show available in store stock. A call to a nice lady at BR however showed limited quantites in Altlanta, Kansas City, Houston, and Dallas for beeswax - Miami, Omaha, and Westport for black. Atlanta was a little funky at first, taking a credit card order over the phone - just talk with a manager and it's all good.
BR in Atlanta had a handful of beeswax in store as of yesterday. 404-231-4905, $22 shipped.
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Seth Riggs has a good book including CD, Singing For The Stars. You could look around for teachers who are trained in his method, or see what happens going the self taught route. He talks about an excersise, what it's goal is, takes a singer through it, then just plays piano for your own practice. Tone and range can definitely be developed, regardless of age. The thing that can be difficult to deal with is true tone deafness in terms of pitch. Funny thing about that...
Clinique Face Scrub really helped me with razor burn and ingrowns. You want a fine grit here as opposed to an apricot scrub...apply once or twice a week in a circular motion with gentle pressure after washing your face, before shave. Mach 3's are fine, but try a richer, thicker shave cream or oil. Razor will glide across the face much easier due to better lubrication. Use light pressure and avoid shaving against the grain of beard, esp on the neck....
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