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Whink Rust Stain Remover did the trick for me. Lifted a set rust spot on a white shirt and quickly I might add. Definitely worth a shot.
Jebus Spoo, that's just a flat out impressive drop right there. Thanks for the share.
Shout on collar and cuff as pretreat, then launder. For deeper periodic cleaning, I use small squirt of Dawn (original blue) and a good 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide in a large bowl of water, soak overnight. Go easy on the Dawn if it's in concentrated form - rinse, rinse, rinse... If there's a stain present that will set with heat, use cold water. Otherwise I'll use as warm of water as I can get away with and for white shirts that need serious attention, water off the boil.
Agreed, R.I.P.
Watch that the cleanser you're using isn't too harsh, stripping away too many oils and leaving you dry from the get go. +1 on Clinique, it's an excellent scrub. tomgirl's right on salicylic acid, it's potent and the last thing you want if you already have dry skin. You need to moisturize and for the problem area's, you might to look into a particularly intense, thick moisturizer.
I really like La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Face Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid. Goes on smooth and even, no greasy feel or obnoxious smell, and has a slight matt finish which is good for oily skin - easy to find too. I like Kielhls, and although I haven't tried this one I'm not a fan of their previous sunscreens as I found them heavy and led to breakouts. Fwiw, some sunscreens contain titanium dioxide. When the flash of a camera hits it, your face can get a white cast to it,...
I'll take one of each, please.
I've quit a handful of times throughout my life, having stopped for good July 09. It's usually a rough period for me when I quit, withdrawl, quick with temper, ect. This time I used a combination of Acupunture Detox and Wellbutrin, the former being very effective at maintaining an even keel thru those first 2-3 weeks. Cravings were negligible, craziness near 0%, highly recommended.
Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Social Club ... http://www.shamrocktattoo.com/
I took in a sport coat to Joe at Rizzo's. He shortened the sleeves from the shoulder as well as from the cuff, leaving 2" from the end of the sleeve to the last buttonhole. They are still just a taste long, but to keep the integrity of both the shoulder and cuff he felt this was a good compromise.
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