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Since I can't edit this post, CalTex:
Yeah , ya know an 8yr old post on a subject studied by the Chinese for how many thousands of years? I guess I understand the horror... eh, maybe you were looking for the crib notes
Check out La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60, a matte finish SPF60 light fluid that I really like or something like Matte For Men, a SPF 25 which has shine control properties added, a bonus for a lot of guys. Both good, clean products that won't break you out.
Truly, welcome back Uncle Mac!
Bravo MoL!
Ha, I got 0. Based on that you'd think I would have an easier time combining said colors,
You might try Newbury Tailoring Co.
Decent rates can be had at Avis with a Costco membership. Costco dot com, Travel, Rental Car, Avis. Pretty happy with that set up.
Whink Rust Stain Remover did the trick for me. Lifted a set rust spot on a white shirt and quickly I might add. Definitely worth a shot.
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