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Ha, boy does this thread deliver!
Back 6 years when I still smoked I came down with a nasty bronchitis, a deep dry cough that occurred at the first hot humid spell of the year, mid June in Boston. Went to my Dr who prescribed antibiotics - 3 days later I'm sleeping 2 hours a night. I'd lay down, but the lungs would fill and I would cough uncontrollably. In desperation I called an Acupuncturist who saw me the same day. I encountered a Chinese dude late 50's who proceeded to tune in to me. My distress was...
nystyle86: I'm sure you realize the product I mentioned does not contain Mexoryl. No? Well I can't argue the price, but please, critique it for what it is. What's more, how about offering a superior option based on your experience? Consumer Reports? please ... There aren't a lot of matte options #1, and #2 a lot of products create breakouts, esp high on the forehead, at least for me. But hey I'm sure CR sets you straight... TheDarkKnight: glad you found something that...
Since I can't edit this post, CalTex:
Yeah , ya know an 8yr old post on a subject studied by the Chinese for how many thousands of years? I guess I understand the horror... eh, maybe you were looking for the crib notes
Check out La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60, a matte finish SPF60 light fluid that I really like or something like Matte For Men, a SPF 25 which has shine control properties added, a bonus for a lot of guys. Both good, clean products that won't break you out.
Truly, welcome back Uncle Mac!
Bravo MoL!
Ha, I got 0. Based on that you'd think I would have an easier time combining said colors,
You might try Newbury Tailoring Co.
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