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A deer bone does seem to help, rather easy to scratch the leather if you're not careful though. Ebayed these last year , #8 Royal Imperials.
Nice find indeed. The deer bone tip is interesting and I hope it works well. Like you, I Ebayed a pair of #8 Royal Imperial LWB that have great color, but develop these hard contrasts at creases after just minimal wear. A dab of Saphir Neutral Cordovan Creme and they brush right out, but I think I'm gonna try that deer bone tip, thanks.
I swear, it's the angle the camera was set at!
@roboterkampf _ Ravello and Thomas Handy? A good week indeed:-)
This is the info Alden sent me via email. BB Tassel loafer = Aberdeen BB Penny unlined loafer = Van BB Blucher = Barrie BB Straight tip = Aberdeen BB Perforated cap toe = Snap BB Wingtip bal = Plaza As far as TTS, you might check the wealth of info in this thread as well as a very brief visual, thanks to OP. IMHO Snap fits very TTS.  
Same thing here. Going from p.1 to p. 2 of Classic Classifieds locks up Safari as well.
We like Duckfat for a fun casual lunch on the fly, small but tasty menu. Be prepared for a bit of a wait however.
It is possible, but it's a tricky alteration entrusted to only the most skilled tailors. Now days I would never attempt this, pass on the jacket no matter how much I liked it.The issue is maintaining the integrity of the shoulder. There is only so much that can be accomplished without screwing this up - even then, simply taking off and reattaching a sleeve can have disastrous results regarding sleeve pitch. A SC i brought in to Joe @ Rizzo was a great fitting jacket,...
+1, solid truth
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