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I thought Foodguy's Porchetta falsa was terrific. [[SPOILER]]
One thing to consider is climate... 400 sq ft can be tough to deal with over the course of a long New England winter!
Those Cigar WT's of Mac's are really something, such rich tones. I wish the recent cigar offerings from Alden remotely resembled these!
Try a different email server. I never receive a thing from TSM using my Comcast addy, whereas gmail works great.
BB's Perforated Cap Toe 15149 is indeed on Snap last.
Thanks, these came to me barely worn, but being older cordovan I was concerned with dryness. Initial treatment was taken from Ron Rider's advice for cleaning up shell. http://riderboot.com/2012/03/24/shell-cordovan-clean-up/ I've been using Saphir Neutral Creme Cordovan as a spot treatment on the creases to try remedy the large color contrast in the creases, that with the deer bone El Argentino mentioned has helped smooth this out. But most of the time, it's the Mac Method!
A deer bone does seem to help, rather easy to scratch the leather if you're not careful though. Ebayed these last year , #8 Royal Imperials.
Nice find indeed. The deer bone tip is interesting and I hope it works well. Like you, I Ebayed a pair of #8 Royal Imperial LWB that have great color, but develop these hard contrasts at creases after just minimal wear. A dab of Saphir Neutral Cordovan Creme and they brush right out, but I think I'm gonna try that deer bone tip, thanks.
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