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Same thing here. Going from p.1 to p. 2 of Classic Classifieds locks up Safari as well.
We like Duckfat for a fun casual lunch on the fly, small but tasty menu. Be prepared for a bit of a wait however.
It is possible, but it's a tricky alteration entrusted to only the most skilled tailors. Now days I would never attempt this, pass on the jacket no matter how much I liked it.The issue is maintaining the integrity of the shoulder. There is only so much that can be accomplished without screwing this up - even then, simply taking off and reattaching a sleeve can have disastrous results regarding sleeve pitch. A SC i brought in to Joe @ Rizzo was a great fitting jacket,...
+1, solid truth
I'm sorry for your loss - to lose 2 family members in such a short period at the holidays, that's just rough.I lost my dad 4 years ago the day before thanksgiving, in the midst of that long goodbye alzheimer's. A heart attack took him though thankfully. We were all with him when he passed. Instead of hospice, we brought him home where he died in the house where he raised his kids and built with his own hands.Thanksgiving is still difficult. Last night I was on Youtube and...
Great price on a solid piece. Bid with confidence fellas, OP is one of the gents that made SF StyleForum back in the day - welcome back indeed.
http://www.laroche-posay.us/_us/_en/consumer/catalog/ByType/Dry/anthelios-60-ultra-light-sunscreen-fluid-for-face.htm It is pricey as nystyle86 pointed out, but this particular product seems to last a long time.
Sharp shoe indeed! What is the model name and is this available? I've seen it called brown oxford, but the associated photo then proceeds to describe a captoe.
Nice set up! Although I've rebuilt engines, changed clutches, and dropped tranny's on the pavement of a cold January driveway, my hands are really about this...
Best of luck dude, this is tough. I had Brittany's as a boy, hunting pheasants in the corn fields of Iowa and although i don't have much to add to this thread, it still grounds me to my feet - thanks Lefty and all. I worked as a boy for Dewey Jontz, a man who first introduced Border Collies into that state in 1938, as I understand it - a stand up man for sure. Anyways, my thoughts are with you Teger.
New Posts  All Forums: