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I could not agree more, welcome back mgm!
Apparently I miss the distinction after the 4th glass...should have dropped by Drunk Poasting.
a needless rant, deleting post
No sir, those aren't shell.
Give your ears a rest as much as possible, quiet is good.Go easy on stimulants ie coffee and tequila which amp up ringing. For those with tinnitus, acupuncture can help give the ears a bit more tolerance for volume and it dulls ringing slightly. With luck you'll go back to normal in a week. Distortion at high decibels is a killer.
And when you do, check out Zojirushi, imho.Streit's Chicken Flavor Soup Base is a pretty tasty addition to rice, ect. Tis a sodium bomb, but they all are.
perhaps, easy to be snark tho
Rhet brahs s'cuse the intrusion from a decidedly non-rhet type, dyel phgt (hell no/hell yes). Piano player here - I drop in for discipline inspired vibe. Beneficial to see cats chart progress and talk about plateaus, stalls and how to move thru them and stay gamed, reps or maths - all the same! Thanks to all.I'm gonna take Hendriix at his word, cause it's exactly what blindingly crossed my mind.Dude, being bartender is a gold plated invitation to alcoholism...you got hurt...
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