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I use Modvigil on occasion, very smooth w/ long sustained mental focus and energy. No crash to speak of. Great for when you're tired yet need to be alert and able to concentrate. Some people do a 5 day on 2 day off to avoid building tolerance. Brightens the mood as well and has been better than any anti depressant I've tried in terms of getting up and getting shit done.
All good ideas. I think you need a combination of bones with a little meat, ie chicken carcasses if you can find them. Bones from a roast chicken give a deeper earthier flavor that lends itself well to certain kinds of darker flavored soups. Fresh bones though are wonderful for a multitude of things, parsley is a good add to the pot along with carrots and onion. Biggest single factor for a well flavored stock is the use of a pressure cooker. 20 min at pressure and you're...
Yes indeed!
I've used silken tofu to create a wonderfully smooth lemon cheescake, def good for baking. You could try putting in a blender with water for a milk substitute? Some recipes rely on the fat content in dairy so that's something to keep that in mind.
I could not agree more, welcome back mgm!
Apparently I miss the distinction after the 4th glass...should have dropped by Drunk Poasting.
a needless rant, deleting post
No sir, those aren't shell.
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