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Thanks for all the help :). 
Hey guys.  Is this Oxxford suit a value for money in the 500 quid range?   I have done so much research on these forums and Oxxford suits seem to be good value for mone.   Thanks
Just bought my first pair of 'real' shoes (I normally buy Aquilla/Florsheim). EG Galway boot on the 202 last. Excellent purchase and I think I will be buying 1-2 more pairs of EGs before I go back to Australia.   Probably get a pair of loafers and black oxfords.  I am a big fan of going to the EG store and purchasing the factory 2nds (up to 50% off RRP).
Will definitely be there then.
When is the edward green jermyn st sale on? Cheers
Cheers, Lets hope there are some there when I rock up sat morning.
I am currently living in the UK for about a year.  I plan on buying 2 pairs while I am here.  A pair of boots and oxfords.  As I am likley to wear the boots a lot more often, I want to have a higher quality boot rather than a higher quality oxford.    I am going to the EG sale this Saturday and hopefully there will be boots in my foot size (9.5 UK).  If this is poor, I will be waiting for the post xmas sale in London.   I was going to buy some C&Js, but looking at these...
So you think the Galway boots are good for what i want? Thanks
Hi,     Firstly, I have never bought a pair of shoes costing more than $150 (except runners).  In Australia, it is very rare to know much about shoe quality as a good pair of shoes is thought to come from Aquilla or Florsheim.  After reading various blogs and forums (including this one) i know it to be true.  So when we moved house I binned all my $60 lowes oxfords, and crappy shoes and only own about 3-4 shoes outside of sport and work (military shoes).   I am...
So you think I should get there early?
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