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its purple, based on the color wheel used at uniqlo
  Sizing is different on them compared to APC; they dont stretch as much, only perhaps an inch or so because i have apc ps as well. its funny because im a 31 waist as well, and i went with the 30. I would say go with the 30 for the safe bet, but if you want go for the 29, def not the 28 tho. the knee and foot is the same width, they do not taper off
Sorry about that to whoever asked me any questions, because i thought i had suscribed to this thread, but I actually didn't lol but yeaaa, i HAVE suscribed soooo ill be in this thread alot more and answering questions as well
Uniqlo 34ST, New York
Hey guys,   I work at Uniqlo, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or pm me :)
Hello guys!! I live in Queens, New York and currently work at UNIQLO on 34th, Manhattan so if you need inside help with anything, let me know Other than that, I have a major interest and appreciation in denim such as APC, Nudies, and Imperials. That is mainly the reason I registered, but it's always nice to meet new people who share similar interests and maybe broaden mine  
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