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This is the original, no longer available, three pocket version of the Gustin CPO.   It has never been worn, and like all other Gustin products, comes with no tags.   The size is a men's x-small. From a smoke-free home.   Size details: Chest: 38 Center Back Length: 28 7/8 Sleeve Length from Center Back: 33 1/2
It's an X-Small and is the grey herringbone.
Yeah I threw it up online to sell. Honestly the reason I didn't return it was because I thought they didn't accept any returns! Only learned that after reading through this thread.    Guess I know for the future if I'm not happy, Gustin will help me out.
I bought one of the original Gustin Woolrich Herringbone CPOs, the one with three front pockets, and never wore it. Think it's too late to return? I paid for it last January.
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