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Ordered an A-2 yesterday. I think the additions (placket and patch) to the bomber for the 2011 version were a great improvement but I'll be surprised if the 2013/14 version has any more 'stuff' added to it. Maybe just some tweaks and quality improvements? 12-week estimated lead time, by the way. I was hoping bombers were quicker than bikers but oh well. Can't wait.
If you buy a jacket that fits you at 17, it is very likely not to fit you once you're in your early/mid-twenties.
Especially if you learn best through restaurant analogies.
Shiiiiiit. I've had my heart set on an A-2 for months and only just found a job. Going to have to come up with 200 quid in two weeks now. 
@TWorksheets: Jacket is too b-   Just kidding, it looks great. I'd love to see that suede in sunlight.
Am I right in thinking the lead time for bombers was already shorter (pre-increase in production) due to them being made in a different place to the biker jackets? If so, will bomber lead time be decreasing again now?
The way TWorksheets is standing is pushing his hips forward, the camera position is very low and the wide lens is making his hip area look bigger than it should in relation to his shoulders and legs. I have little doubt that if we could see him from a more eye-level POV, with better posture, the fit of the jacket wouldn't be attracting nearly as much criticism.   Add to that the points made above about the natural profile of the jacket, the weight of the calf suede...
That looks good already. I don't think going slimmer would be an improvement.
@ManofKent: Regarding my lack of decent black boots in the outfit I posted above — are those Loake Bayswaters I've seen you in from time to time?
Ballsed up the exposure. This definitely needs 'cooler' boots.  
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