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I may be mistaken, but I thought the calf and lamb were supposed to be roughly the same thickness (the calf just being denser).
Yeah looks great Cyborg. The shorter sleeves work on you, in a sort of Ramones-cool way.
My excitement about ordering my A-2 has infected my girlfriend and she wants a BCDR :) I'm almost as excited as I am for my own jacket.   Speaking of which, pics of someone's new Women's BCDR are in the gallery. Looks amazing:     [[SPOILER]]
It's very hard to tell if it's too long when the photo is at that angle, and when you have one hand up and one in your pocket.
Ah thanks. Ha, the sun was too much for my eyes. Not used to it being this hot!
At a guess: Mixing and adding features over-enthusiastically and straying from the designer's vision.
3-zip MDR is superior imo.
Drew's fit on the A-2 was a tiny bit too relaxed in the body for my liking, but in general I completely agree. I'm sure a lot of people initially think the Drew fit isn't slim enough ... but it is.
I think so, although the black/black TOJ1 2011 is an exception. That jacket is beyond varsity, imo. It's also the only one I could imagine myself wearing (the American dude connotations of normal varsities just aren't me).   Edit: 'High school', certainly, but not necessarily 'too high school' if that's what someone's going for.
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