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No tracking yet ... but my A-2 arrived at my house yesterday! Unfortunately it was my house in Ireland (I moved to Spain last month) so I won't see it for a few weeks until my folks come and visit, but wheeeeeeee! Getting them to send me lots of photos; looks fucking amazing so far. I'd asked Charly about remaining wait time last week and he said they were still a long way off shipping, so this was completely unexpected
Very nice, Synthese. The 2010 DR is one of my favourites but my girlfriend thought it was too busy so she went for a QBCDR; in fact I now think that model gives the 2010 a run for its money.
That's a CWU-45/P, not an A-2. Got my hopes up!
It's finally getting chilly enough in Ireland for a leather jacket ... but unfortunately my A-2 is on week 15 of 12.    I'm moving to Spain this Saturday so leather jacket weather won't arrive there for another month or two!
Eagerly awaiting tracking for my end-of-May A-2...
You could go to a shop and try on a similar jacket and measure that. The TOJ 'How to Order' guide says not to base measurements off a blazer.
Nope, look at the zip. It would be on the other side on a women's jacket.
June 11th and it's ob the way already? That is mental. I ordered my A-2 on May 31st so maybe it's your T1 that's on the way, Newo.
The 31st of May. I'm sure it'll be a bit more than the 12 weeks I was quoted, but hopefully not too much.
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