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To be fair, that gives it as the 'unofficial' site, for information. It's not unreasonable for a newcomer to presume there's another, official site that deals with orders.
Different jackets, different batches. My A-2 arrived about three weeks ago and I ordered it on May 31st. You probably just ordered yours too late to be in that batch.
If you want buttery softness, go for lamb. As far as I know, the olive lamb and olive calf are slightly different in colour.
I remember Charly said a couple of months ago that he rarely bases his shoulder measurement suggestions off the body measurements people submit, because people are generally not good at properly measuring their shoulders. He said he bases it off the 'well-fitting jacket' measurements instead.
@Dbear Yeah of course. I don't think my dad is aware of that though! (It's him sending me photos.)
A couple more pics of my A-2 here. Looking at these now, I can't believe I ever even slightly considered omitting the suede patch. Shearling collar looks like a beast of a thing too.
31st of May.
No tracking yet ... but my A-2 arrived at my house yesterday! Unfortunately it was my house in Ireland (I moved to Spain last month) so I won't see it for a few weeks until my folks come and visit, but wheeeeeeee! Getting them to send me lots of photos; looks fucking amazing so far. I'd asked Charly about remaining wait time last week and he said they were still a long way off shipping, so this was completely unexpected
Very nice, Synthese. The 2010 DR is one of my favourites but my girlfriend thought it was too busy so she went for a QBCDR; in fact I now think that model gives the 2010 a run for its money.
That's a CWU-45/P, not an A-2. Got my hopes up!
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