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That's a CWU-45/P, not an A-2. Got my hopes up!
It's finally getting chilly enough in Ireland for a leather jacket ... but unfortunately my A-2 is on week 15 of 12.    I'm moving to Spain this Saturday so leather jacket weather won't arrive there for another month or two!
Eagerly awaiting tracking for my end-of-May A-2...
You could go to a shop and try on a similar jacket and measure that. The TOJ 'How to Order' guide says not to base measurements off a blazer.
Nope, look at the zip. It would be on the other side on a women's jacket.
June 11th and it's ob the way already? That is mental. I ordered my A-2 on May 31st so maybe it's your T1 that's on the way, Newo.
The 31st of May. I'm sure it'll be a bit more than the 12 weeks I was quoted, but hopefully not too much.
Hm, what was your original estimated lead time?
It is a long time ... but then I look at the gallery shots of the Women's BCDR and realise I would happily wait a year just to look at someone wearing that, let alone have it for myself. Anyway, we're moving to Spain for a while so it might be too hot for a leather jacket for most of the wait time.   Ha, I'd told her TOJ was shutting up shop in a month, and forgot to tell her about the fortnight's extension. She said to me last week "I have to admit, I was really...
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